Monday, November 30, 2015

Everything Has Its Price

Been doing a lot of extra mileage on my bicycle lately, getting more and more used to riding in heavy traffic, taking the lane, making left turns at six lane intersections, etc.

I was doing my regular run, and encountered an obstacle, the ATM machine I usually use was out of order, so had to figure out where the next closest ATM was that didn't have any fees associated with it. I vaguely knew where it was, the two crossroads, but wasn't exactly sure where it was. Couldn't find it, so being that rare breed of person who is under 40 but still doesn't have a smartphone, let alone a cellphone of any kind, was completely at the mercy of figuring it out myself, or relying on the kindness of strangers to help me out.

Why don't I have a cellphone? Well, I just don't like phones, and since I have access to a landline, don't really need a phone too much. Never talk on the phone, unless I absolutely have to, but I sense the times are changing, and may have to get one. Anyway, if I had a smartphone, I could have figured out where I needed to go, but instead, I pulled into a shopping center I'd never been to before, and took a chance, figuring I'd ask directions.

It was a Radio Shack. I thought they went out of business. Apparently not. They've been closing locations left and right, but apparently they can still afford six idle employees standing around doing nothing in an empty store with not a customer in sight. I asked directions, and got it. I felt weird, because usually you go into a store to buy something, or you at least are a regular there, have bought something before, and so you're not just someone expecting something for nothing.

Well, I got my something, but not sure it was for nothing, I expended quite a bit of calories, and experienced a huge amount of stress, not elaborated on in this post. Which brings me to my final point. The moral of this story is that there is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything has its price, even if it's not always measured in dollars and cents. Even when you think you're getting something for free, you're not. There's always an exchange of energy, a give and take.

Even if you're dirt poor, waiting in line at a soup kitchen for a free meal, you suffer the humiliation of being in such a situation, dependent on people who are not your friends, not your family, and who in reality may not even like you, and on top of that maybe you're waiting around for food that doesn't even taste good, that isn't your first choice, that you don't even like. Where basically you're in a situation where you are at the mercy of others, and you're not getting exactly what you want.

But as they say, beggars can't be choosers. If you beg, you take whatever you are given, and sometimes the free lunch is a rotten lunch. That's just the way it is. It's the law of give and take, you get what you give, and very often you get what you don't expect. Expect nothing, you never know what you may get. It could be good, it could be bad, but without expectations, not being overly excited or upset over any particular outcome, you roll with it, and for the most part everything will be alright.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Dharma Initiative: Fact or Fiction?

For a minute, I thought this was real. Lol. (My first use of internet slang)

But no, it's fiction, or is it? I'll let you decide.

For more info, see:

Lost: The Complete Collection.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Dharma Initiative

If you haven't yet seen the television series Lost, which is in my opinion the best, most thought provoking, philosophical television series of all time, you absolutely must go out and watch it now. If you're broke, check it out from the library, or rent it, but if you can afford it, I'd recommend going out and buying the collector quality DVD box set Lost: The Complete Collection.

Anyway, probably my favorite aspect of the show was The Dharma Initiative, the organization conducting research on the "lost" island that the survivors of oceanic flight 815 crash land on, and is the primary setting for all six seasons. The Dharma Initiative orientation videos are shown on the series as they are found, giving insight into the nature of the island and the structures and facilities they discover over time.

When I saw these video clips for the first time while watching the show, I thought they were great. Well just found out they're on YouTube, and thought I'd post a sample:

For more info, visit:

Friday, November 20, 2015

Black Holes, Time Travel, and Parallel Universes

This isn't a new story, but I just happened to stumble upon it today, and find it extremely fascinating, the idea that black holes contain universes, sort of like a portal linking the macro and the micro, that within each black hole there is an entirely different universe, and I suppose an entirely different dimension of reality, perhaps resonating at higher and lower octaves, that of heaven and hell, and all that.

It's pretty extreme, to me, more in the realm of religion than science, because probably the more you learn about it, the more you realize just how infinitely mysterious it all is and will always be. I believe there is so much more going on in the background of the universe, the hows and the whys, the underlying meaning and order of it all, that is just way beyond the threshold of human understanding.

Here's the link:

Are We Living in a Black Hole?
Our universe may reside within a vast, black hole.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Quest to Make a Living Online

I'm pretty much in a situation, work wise, where I really really want to earn a livelihood independently working online, being an independent contractor.

Problem is that my education is severely inadequate, I don't have a college education, and really have no plans of ever getting a college degree. My skills are somewhat limited too, but I'm smart, and I'm really trying to find a way to make this happen. I don't need much money. Really, I could get by on 12 dollars an hour. I don't have expensive tastes, but I tell you one thing, I hate being a wage slave, doing work I hate in environments I hate, and really at this point, all I'm qualified for is retail, entry level office work, and call centers, and I hate talking on the phone, so that's way out of the question.

I'm a freedom loving person, and the way I see it, if I'm going to be making low wages, I'd rather do it online, in my own time. You know, it is so much more satisfying to me, being completely independent, but the key is finding a reliable source of freelance income that will consistently pay the bills.

Anyway, I'm on a quest to make a living online, and realize after ten years of blogging, that I'm really not in the business of making a living off of blogging either. I like the freedom of this being a personal diary shared with the world, blogging only when I feel like it, and not feeling pressured to craft each post into a money maker. I don't want that. I actually enjoy the rather small audience, and the low expectations, that this doesn't really matter, and so I can do whatever I want, and it's okay.

Okay, as you can see the banner ads have been long gone. But still, I figure, a few unobtrusive links to products I actually use and believe in is not a bad idea, that if you click on them, sign up for the service (if applicable), or buy a product, it will grant me a small affiliate commission, I might as well do it. I see no harm done. Like I said these are products I actually really believe in, use and love, and have my full endorsement.

So just to warn you, no this is not going to become a how to make money online blog, whose sole purpose is to get you to click a link to make me money. No, this blog will remain as it is, being a record of my life and a collection of my philosophical insights, but I'm planning on putting up a few posts over the next few days reviewing products that I believe in, which will be linked to in the sidebar. There's a couple there right now, but those are just direct links to their Amazon product listing page. There will be some actual reviews coming soon, and will also list some of the ways I've successfully made money online over the last two months.

This is an entirely new experience for me, well the first time since I won money playing poker online nearly ten years ago, that I've finally found a way to consistently make money online. I'm very excited about it, and no it's not enough to pay the rent, not yet, but it's enough to buy the groceries, and a few luxuries too, so that's always a plus. You've got to start somewhere, and I'm learning from trial and error what works and what doesn't.

I've got a small taste for it, I just have to figure out how to expand it into a full-time income, because really I realize this is where I need to be to be my ultimate best, freelance, independent, work from home, a cyber nomad, where all I need is a laptop and an internet connection, and I can earn a living anywhere in the world, that's what I want.

So stay tuned for that. I'll be posting more soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bang, Bang

Still living in an apartment as an undeclared guest, it's very far from ideal, but it is what it is. I'm not complaining. I might bitch about it here from time to time, but really I take full responsibility for the life situation I'm presently in.

Once in awhile I blog about my neighbors, the people living around me that usually I know absolutely nothing about, not even there first name, other than what I see from afar, much like a spectator in a zoo. It's a bit weird to refer to people as neighbors, when really there strangers, they come and go, and are about as familiar as the people you see passing by you in a public parking lot.

Anyway, just had another incident here, happy Veterans Day. A new lady, an airman, moved in upstairs in the building next to me couple of months ago, hardly ever see her. Well today, well actually tonight about an hour ago, I hear some noise outside, and I peek out the blinds to see the boyfriend throwing stones up at her window, trying to get her attention. It's all dark up there, no lights on, I'm assuming she's gone to sleep. He keeps doing it, throwing the stones rougher and rougher. Finally, he starts shouting, calling her name, but no response.

He leaves, comes back, does it again, throwing the stones, shouting. Now he decides to climb up to her balcony. He does it in 30 seconds or less, so much for better security upstairs. He's banging on the window. Banging, banging, banging, louder and louder, shouting. Five minutes passes, I hear more shouting, next thing is bang, and the sound of broken glass. There's a glass sliding patio door up there, and he's busted through it and is now inside the apartment. I hear shouts, I hear a woman's voice clearly stating that the police have been called. A minute later the guy runs downstairs, disappears for another minute, doing something by her vehicle, and runs back upstairs. About a minute later I hear a helicopter. Yes, it is coming here, spot light shining on the building, and on my face looking out the window, and I see several police cars pulling up, my first instinct is that it's the swat team, and it's a hostage situation going on up there.

But fortunately it didn't end badly. The guy surrendered. The woman left. And there is now an armed guard outside. Welcome to Tucson everybody.

Okay, my little drama queen session is over. But I just want to add that this a first. A first time life experience. Not the first time the police have come to the building next door, but the first time that it involved an actual helicopter looking for an occupant of the building next door. They're both Airmen too by the way, the woman and the boyfriend, and it happened on Veterans day. Just had to make a note of it.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


So, this blog has not been very active lately, not sure what the future has in store here, how much longer I'll be posting here, but I'm not giving up just yet.

I've been very busy lately, too busy to blog, too busy to read even, but as I transition into my new schedule, hopefully I'll come to some resolution as to whether or not to keep this blog running, and if is so, to post more regularly, and hopefully more interesting and thoughtful than I have been lately.

What I'm thinking is that for the rest of this year, I'll keep things light. Yeah, they're already pretty light, I know, believe me I know, haven't put much effort into it, but for the rest of the year, I think I'll concentrate on very short posts of music and pictures, with maybe, as the mood strikes me, a couple longer posts thrown in, but mostly they'll be short, very short.

For those few die hard fans who have stuck with me for years, I do thank you for your loyalty, for your committed readership, without you there would be no point. So thanks again, and happy November.

Here's a song featured in the Original Rocky film that I always liked, it plays in the background, very subtle, it's pretty awesome, for those attuned to that sort of 1970's electro multicultural rhythm.

Here it is: