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Observing Mother Earth and Father Sky

I observe nature...I watch, I wait, I listen.

I observe the behavior of animals: birds and rabbits and squirrels; the behavior of insects: bees, butterflies, grasshoppers; the behavior of plants: trees, flowers, bushes; the way water flows over rocks, drips off of leaves, soaks into the soil.

I watch, I wait, I listen.

I watch how animals and plants are affected by the changing seasons, by the changing rhythms of the sun, of heat and light and moisture.

I wonder, could there be water without fire? Could there be water on earth without the sun? Could there be life at all without the sun? What life, if any, would exist on this planet without the sun? Without the sun, would not the world be in complete darkness, cold, silent, desolate, frozen?

Obviously when ice is melted it becomes water, and when it is boiled it evaporates into the air, and transforms from solid, to liquid, to gas. But is there ever a point of extreme cold where ice is transformed into something else entirely, or does …