Saturday, September 27, 2014

The China Study

I just finished reading The China Study by T. Colin Wilson. Though I have to say I sort of skimmed the last few chapters, because it was getting kind of tedious, and I'm actually happy to have finally finished it. Not that it was bad, but just that I didn't need that much convincing.

Basically what this book is all about is that it provides epidemiological data supporting  a whole foods, plant based diet, showing a link between the consumption of animal protein and the development of heart disease and cancer; and even shows a link between the development of various autoimmune disorders, like Type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, and the consumption of cow's milk in particular.

In the author's opinion, nutrition is the single most important factor in determining whether or not we are sick or healthy. More important than genetics, and even more important than exposure to environmental toxins, because if you have a healthy diet, you will have a stronger immune system that will ordinarily fight off the development of most diseases; and for everything else, there is medication, there's vaccinations, but let good nutrition do all the rest.

I've never been a heavy meat eater. I've been vegetarian on and off for much of my life, but yet I've never given up dairy products or eggs, so to do so would be an entirely new experience, and an experience I'm not sure I'm prepared for, but according to the author, they're just as bad as meat, and cow's milk is by far the worst. Well, I never really much cared for cow's milk either, never drink it, and the only time I've had it is with cereal, if there's no soy milk, which I actually prefer the taste of, but uh, I don't know.

I'm all for consuming more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, a whole foods, plant based diet, but I still am not completely sold on the idea that animal protein is all bad, despite the evidence in support of that. I mean, I certainly agree that it is best to consume it in moderation, if at all, and that plants should make up the bulk of your diet, but not sure that consuming 100 percent plants, and zero animal protein is absolutely ideal, maybe for spiritual development or ethical reasons, yes, but not necessarily for reasons of optimum health and longevity.

I only say that because I happen to know people in my family, who lived a long time, well into their upper eighties and nineties, completely free from disease, no cancer, no heart disease, and yet they eat meat, and in the case of my two grandmothers, weren't even particularly that physically active; had a sweet tooth, were/are a bit on the pudgy side; so I think that, not disputing the importance of nutrition, there are certainly other factors involved. Genetics, state of mind, quality of life, is huge.

That's all I have to say for now. But trust me, I'll have more to say later.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Thoughts On Insanity

You know how you hear stories from time to time about some crazy person who totally flips out and hurts someone, and afterwards they say they did it because they heard voices in their head that told them to do it?

I was thinking about this because I saw part of a news segment this evening where this type of thing happened, about some dude who tried to kill his dad, didn't succeed, but ended up taking his own life; apparently its because the voices told him to do it.

Well, what I've always wondered about is why these people who hear these voices feel that they must obey them.

I mean, okay, their crazy, right, crazy people do crazy things, they act in an irrational manner, their cognitive wires are all out of whack, there is no sense to their senselessness, but being so blindly obedient, so easily enslaved by a voice, that's not just crazy, it's plain dumb. I mean would they jump off of a bridge if a real person told them to do it? Strange how they feel compelled to follow the orders of some invisible voice, but not those of real people they can actually see and have a real conversation with.

No, there's something else going on, if in fact the story is true, that is, if from their point of view they really do experience voices in their head telling them to hurt people, it would have to be more than just a voice, and more so a type of powerful hypnosis, where their will is totally subjugated, and they are acting completely unconsciously, like a robot programmed to execute a command, a robot who is unable to think for themselves or to question the authority of the command.

So it's like, it's not that they are simply being told to do these things, they are being emotionally compelled to do them by hypnotic suggestion.

But then the question to ask would be: who the hell is hypnotizing them then?

Another person? A demon/ghost/alien or other occult entity? Themselves? (This one is the most likely of the three; being a form of self-hypnosis originating in their unconscious).

In the pre-scientific era it would be said that this person is under the possession of an evil spirit, and would need to be exorcised by either a priest or a witch doctor. Now it would be said that this person is severely mentally ill, the voices are the result of severe and possibly irreparable brain damage, for which medication may be prescribed to calm them down, to reduce the severity of their hallucinations, and to make their life a little more bearable, but overall there is no cure.

It is probably possible to live with hallucinations. Hearing voices could probably be compared to always hearing a television or radio playing in the background. It's annoying, but not a reason to kill yourself or other people over it. But there is a significant difference between hearing voices, and feeling compelled to do whatever the voices tell you to do, especially if the voices are telling you to do bad things. Such people who have no control over themselves should probably be locked up for life. It's just safer that way, as they are just too much of a danger to themselves and to society to be allowed to be running around free.

But because we don't live in a perfect world some of these people will inevitably fall through the cracks, and from time to time they will do something crazy, something brutally tragic, and we wonder how it happened, why we couldn't have stopped it, why they didn't get the help they needed? But it's the same reason why there are murderers and rapists, some people are just damaged goods, there is no hope for them, their entire life is like a pathology, their like a tornado, everything they do points in the direction of destruction, and eventually someones going to get hurt.