Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cat People Vs. Dog People Who Hate Cats

I'm definitely a cat person living in a dog world.

Yeah, I've had dogs. I don't dislike dogs, and the only reason why I don't presently have a dog is because I don't have the time, my apartment is too small, and they are just way too much work.

A cat is easier to take care of. Their pretty much self-maintaining. Give them food and water and a clean liter box and their good to go.

I say that I'm a cat person living in a dog world, because, presently, I feel like I'm surrounded by people who hate cats, both where I live and where I work.

My job is getting kind of annoying, but I'll save the details for a later post, the monthly meetings are back, which I despise with a passion, and the first new meeting of the year started with an ice breaker,  where you have to give two facts about yourself.

I knew I was in trouble when the first fact given was "I hate cats!", and the second and third and fourth person quickly followed suit.

I won't go into further details of what ensued in this annoying meeting, but just will say that I would like to comment on what I see as being the fundamental difference between "cat people" and "dog people who hate cats".

He said: "They don't do anything! I hate them!"

This is very revealing and really is at the heart of the matter of just what the difference is between cats and dogs and the people who prefer one over the other.

The difference between cats and dogs is simple.

Cats have primarily aesthetic value, whereas dogs are more utilitarian. Cats are valued mostly for their beauty, they don't have to do anything, simply being is enough. Dogs on the other hand are workers. They do stuff for you. Whether it's to pull a sled, shepherd the sheep, search and rescue, guard the house, offer personal protection while traveling, or to simply fetch stuff for you.

Both cats and dogs provide companionship, show affection, and play. But yes, it's true, cats don't really "do anything" in the way that dogs do, which is not to say that they don't do anything at all, it's just that they do something because they want to do it not because you want them to. Cats are independent to the core, are more difficult to train, and are less obedient.

Dogs aim to please, whereas cats aim to be pleased.

So really I see people who love cats are more likely to have an appreciation for the fine arts. And people who hate cats but love dogs, are generally going to be more utilitarian people, people who see no value in a beautiful animal that doesn't serve some practical function for themselves.

A well trained dog is like a perfect slave, like an obedient child that worships you, whose sole aim of existence is to please. Some people need that. It kind of boosts their ego. You'll never get that from a cat. Cats are independent to the core, they don't worship you, if anything their the ones being worshiped. You don't have a cat to do stuff for you, you have a cat simply because their beautiful animals, and you appreciate that. That's really what the difference comes down to those who have an appreciation for beauty and those who don't.

Don't get me wrong, keeping a dog because they serve a utilitarian purpose is a perfectly good reason to have a dog, and is probably the main reason why I will likely have a dog again in the future, but the important insight I got from this is simply that the conflict between cat people and dog people who hate cats is defined by an essential difference in their characters.

Cats equal beauty and independence. Dogs equal utility and obedience. Those who hate cats value conformity and control over beauty and independence.

I guess that's why I am a cat person, because I despise conformity, am independent to the core, and appreciate beautiful things that don't necessarily have a price.

So there you have it my theory concerning the essential differences between cat people versus dog people who hate cats.

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