Thursday, October 12, 2017

An Oldie but a Goldie

From September 16, 2013:

"No matter what I do, wherever I find myself in my life, as far as where I'm living, where I'm working, and how things are going, whether things are good or bad, that no matter what, I will never let myself go. That I will never allow myself to get fat and flabby and out of shape and old before my time. That I will never allow myself to consistently engage in unhealthy eating habits. There may be occasional moments of weakness, of engaging in bad habits, junk food, fast food, getting drunk, smoking (not that I do, but just saying for the sake of example), that if I mess up and make poor choices, if I do something I ordinarily swear against, knowing it to be wrong, unhealthy, unwise, that I will correct myself as soon as possible."

Yes, four years later, it is still relevant.

Although, I am a bit troubled by the implications of not letting go, as stated in the introductory statement. There is a certain vanity and egotism in being attached to the pursuit of perfection, which I find unsavory. That's not really what I meant, though it could be a Freudian slip, I only meant that I am devoted to a path of clean healthy living, and not letting myself depart from the path of clean healthy living, which also means ethical living, and admitting that sometimes I falter, but when I do I am usually quick to adjust myself back to where I wish to be.

In other words, I recognize when I've done wrong, and I'm quick to recover. Despite the occasional vice of having french fries and twinkies, believe me it rarely happens, but it has happened on occasion, among other things that are contrary to what I believe in, I'm doing pretty good in the health and personal fitness department, but in the ethics department, I would say my biggest character fault is of being overly judgemental of others. Being angry and bitter and looking down on others that don't share the same ideal of clean healthy ethical living.

That is a major pitfall for those on the path of personal excellence, is how do you manage not get a big head, not to become overly prideful, self-important, not to look down with hatred or disgust on those who have succumbed to all the vices you yourself have overcome or are seeking to overcome? Hate the sin not the sinner? I have trouble with that. Nothing like living in the ghetto to find compassion and a feeling of goodwill for ALL of humanity than by living among the lowest of the low. Though that's probably the hardest thing in the world. It's easy to love people when you're living around like minded good people, but totally different story when you're living next door to violent criminals, rapists, pedophiles, gang bangers and drug addicts. I guess worse of all would be being in prison.

Being a good person surrounded by bad people would I suppose be a lot like being an angel in hell. How would one cope? I don't know. I guess, no matter what, you stick to your moral compass, the ideals you've committed yourself to, to the best of your ability, and that is what I'm trying to do.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Effortless Collage

I did a Google image search using the name of this blog plus my first name, and I got some interesting results, so I did a screen capture of it.

It's interesting because it makes a cool looking collage, but also because these pictures pretty much sum up what this blog is about:

  • nature
  • art
  • bicycles
  • books
  • metaphysical ponderings

It's also nice touch that it includes a self-portrait, which represents the autobiographical, personal journal aspect of the blog, and a picture of my beautiful black cat, "the Big Guy" who passed away last year, showing my love for cats and all animals in general.