Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blogging as a Life Changing Tool

Nice tidbit from Vagabond Journey, a blogger I've been reading for years, who started out as a rough draft amateur blogger with typos galore and hardly any readers, and has since become a professional international journalist:

"A blog is a testing ground for incomplete ideas. It is a place to shoot off random observations, opinions, and less-than-conclusive conclusions. This is done for a reason: putting such raw ideas and observations out there is a way to see how well they hold up, it’s a way of testing how far they can go.

Sometimes doing this is just going to make you look amateur, but sometimes it will lead you to somewhere you would never get to otherwise."

I agree. Thanks for the inspiration, Wade. You inspired a blog post!

For those so inclined a blog can be a personal creativity and brainstorming think tank laboratory, a tool for self-improvement, and creative insight. You write about what you're thinking, what you've done or are planning on doing, and seeing it on paper, or in this case, the screen, is like putting the ideas under a microscope, your thoughts are magnified for closer inspection, anything off base or unclear will be visible for all eyes to see, most importantly your own.

You see a glimpse of a thought photographed in words, and you can than proceed to evaluate its validity, how well it worked, how true it is, was it written from the heart and with a clear conscience, and also was it clearly communicated, is anything missing, or embellished, could the transmission of this idea be improved, and where do we go from here, can this idea be developed further, should we even bother, or are there more important avenues of thought to explore? Sometimes you reach a dead end, and you just have to let it go, change course, do something different, think something new.

All that can occur from the blog. It's a personal experience that by way of having an audience becomes a shared experience. The blogger transmits the information, the audience receives it. Reading this has a subtle influence on your state of mind, which in turn may stimulate changes in thinking. Whether agreeing or disagreeing, all parties reading become participants in the blogging as creativity brainstorming think tank laboratory.

Having an audience puts your ideas out there, makes you accountable, that what you say has consequences, that if you say something nasty or untrue, be prepared for a negative response. But if you thoroughly believe in what you said, in what you wrote, if what you wrote was written in the clarity of truth and a clear conscience, the resistance will only make you stronger. The truth has the strength to support its own weight, and isn't dependent on other people believing in it or accepting it to lift it up, it's self-supporting. But if there is any problem with what you said, if it's not true, if it's flawed, it shines forth for all to see under the illumination of the screen, and it is subject to either correction or rejection.

Either way it's a laboratory, an interactive diary, read by people from all walks of life. And that is what makes it exciting. Knowing that anyone could be reading, and knowing that you are having an influence on the lives of other people, bestows a certain power, and with this power comes responsibility. When you write in a blog you are accountable for what you write in a way that would never occur if you were writing in a private diary, and that's what makes it potentially more powerful.

This is true of all published writers, whether professional or amateur, but in the case of the blog, what sets it apart from professional peer reviewed writing, is that this medium is most suited to experimentation, it doesn't have to be perfect so there's more freedom to explore. I think of the blog as a rough draft. Every post is a rough draft. And that's why it is most befitting to refer to this medium as a creative brainstorming idea generating think tank. You don't have to worry about it getting perfect the first time around. Write what you want to say, if it's not right, write it again. If after repeated attempts you just can't seem to get it right, it's like you've reached a dead end, well maybe you just need to take a break, or maybe you need to go a different way, explore a different avenue of thought. Why not?

This is where the blog excels. Herein lies infinite possibility. Use the blog as a means to change your life. Don't like the life you're living, write a new life worth living into existence. Explore the possibilities in writing. On the other side of things, if you love your life, you're experiencing success and prosperity, write about it. Write about what works and doesn't work for you. Write about whatever you want, but just know that writing in a blog can be a useful tool for stimulating your life in a positive way. And that's what I aim to do.