Thursday, January 14, 2016


Six months ago I thought maybe I'd buy a Chromebook. The pros are: it's lightweight, durable, and has a superior battery life. The cons, well, not having Windows operating system, if Windows you need. Which apparently I do, as I'm working on making a living online, and unfortunately having a Windows operating system is part of that picture.

Anyway, another reason I can think of being a con against buying a Chromebook, is based on my recent experience of buying my first Android Smartphone. 

Okay, it's my first smartphone ever, and it happens be an Android, which is a Google based operating system.

To use the phone, you must have a Google account, which, among other things, includes a Gmail account. You've got a Gmail account, which becomes your user identity, your log-in info, so that every time you turn on your phone,  you're basically logging into your Google account. Therefore, everything you do on your phone is logged, tracked, and recorded onto your account. Unless you create a fake profile, meaning, using a fake identity, everything you do on your phone, including, where you live, and where you travel, is being recorded. Yes the fake accounts are recorded too, but being fake, perhaps you have less to lose, Anyway, even if you don't have a data plan, through a combination of WiFi and GPS tracking, everything you do on your phone, as long as the phone is turned on, is being tracked. 

So apparently the same is true of Chromebooks. The fact that you have to log into a Google account just to use, it makes you entirely part of that system of everything you do being tracked. 

I'm not entirely ruling it out, the merits of buying a Chromebook, as the one thing that keeps me motivated to give it a chance is the fact that I can install Linux on it. But just wanted to point out a potential con, being the mandatory Google log-in just to use it, which people who don't already own Chromebooks may not already be aware of.