Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This is a little late coming, but in case you haven't heard, David Bowie has died.

I would say that probably my favorite song of his is Space Oddity.

Here it is:

How old was I when I first heard this?

Probably between the ages of 14 and 16. I may have heard it playing in the background when I was younger but not really paying attention, but yeah, between the age of 14 and 16, that's when I intentionally sought it out on my own and remember really listening to it.

I'm getting a clear memory right now of being 15 years old, and being completely obsessed with Jim Morrison and the Doors. I've got this memory of it being winter, probably January, maybe even this same day perhaps, but more than twenty years ago. It was nighttime, but not late, maybe 6:30 PM, and sitting in my dad's car waiting, smoking a Camel cigarette, lit by my Zippo lighter, which I was so proud to own, and listening to the Doors. My dad was buying guns, at his redneck neighborhood gun dealer who ran a basement gun shop in his own home. I remember meeting the guy, probably in his sixties, retired from the military, and being a big game hunter, who regularly went hunting elephants and lions in Africa.

He thought I was a boy, I remember that. My dad brought me in to give me a tour of the place, and ended up buying me a military surplus sleeping bag.

I owned it up until the year that I moved here, which is basically ancient history, which is pretty much a long time ago, yet here I am, seemingly trapped, or rather preserved, in suspended animation, while the years roll by, am getting older, and yet holding on, staying strong, retaining my youth, my energy, feeling very much like an earth oddity, in which this song mirrors, if not in words, then in spirit.