Sunday, January 3, 2016

Getting Back in Touch

Getting back in touch with my gangsta rap roots. Okay, explanation. Back in the mid to late eighties and early nineties I listened to rap music. Public Enemy, yes, but also N.W.A, Easy E, Ice Cube, Dr Dre.

I realize now that I really enjoy the harmony of Tupac and Snoop Dog, wasn't really listening to them back then, but are now my favorite rappers of that era, I like the sound of them, are lyrical masters, but the subject matter, not so much. Booty calls, getting high, making money, basically materialism 101, not at all appealing to me.

It is also blatantly obvious the correlation between millionaire gangsta rappers and dictators in Africa. What do they call them, the term evades me? You know, they live in lavish luxury, while most of their country is dying in poverty. People lack access to clean drinking water, while their president is spending a hundred million dollars on personal entertainment.

Anyway, a video throwback to the past, gangsta rap 101, Ice Cube, one of the best of that genre:

Song: You Know How We Do it
Album: Lethal Injection
Artist: Ice Cube
Year: 1993

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Cym said...

To answer my own question, the term that evaded me was "warlord."