Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Month of Slumber

The day of slumber has become a month of slumber.

Where have I been? Been preoccupied. Occupied with finding a way to make money online, currently succeeding somewhat, though presently at a below minimum wage. I'm utilizing at least a dozen different channels, and learning as I go along. It's an adventure. Been wanting to do this for years, the next step is to turn it into a full-time income, because as it is now, it's just supplemental, won't pay the rent, but am happy with the progress I have made in so little time.

Anyway, besides that, I've also been preoccupied with my new smartphone. It's the first one I've ever had; am kind of late to the game. Discovered that you don't even have to have a phone plan to benefit from it, because it's basically a pocket PC, connected through WiFi and GPS.

At first, I was kind of turned off, I played games, and they were a major waste of time. I searched the web, and though it's okay for shallow searches, not really great for conducting major research, involving extensive reading and typing on your smartphone. Now I understand why those Google search suggestions come in handy, as well as the voice activated searches, it makes so much more sense for smartphones and tablets.

What I'm currently involved in and really having a lot of fun with, are the fitness apps. You know, running, walking, cycling, measuring your distance, speed, calories burned, even measuring push ups, sit ups, and squats. Had no idea that you can map your runs, being fully integrated with google maps through GPS, without access to a data plan or even WiFi. That's pretty cool. Yeah, the downside is that I'm being tracked, by who knows who for what purposes, because it's impossible to be fully off the grid and invisible if you have a GPS enabled smartphone that doesn't have a removable battery.

Anyway, it's been fun, and I've been fully involved in it. It reminds me of when I bought my first computer, my first laptop, and got my first internet connection. It's totally like that. A first for me, but probably a few years after other peoples first.

I'm doing the fitness apps, the brain training games to make you smarter, hopefully, and pretty much exploring which apps are worth downloading and which are worth keeping. Will probably make a list eventually, but for now, that's what I've been up to: making money online and playing with my new smartphone. Yeah, and also exercising and reading, but mostly the other stuff; it's my month of slumber.

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