Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Day of Slumber

So, I decided to join the 21st century and bought myself a smartphone. Just a cheap one, a pay as you go, but I would say probably one of the better budget phones out there, a Moto E 4g, but without a phone plan just yet.

I'm just trying it out, and pretty much I spent about four hours on it doing absolutely nothing of importance. I guess just getting familiar with it. But really, I would call it a major time waster, an unnecessary distraction. Though on the positive side makes a nice little portable media player, for YouTube, and listening to music, and also navigating Google maps, but since I hardly ever make phone calls, the $30 dollar a month basic phone plan through Verizon seems a bit steep for my needs. May have to go with an even more basic, non-smartphone, where I can get a plan for about $10 a month, only used for emergencies. But on the plus side I figured this phone will pay for itself within a month with the mobile only surveys I can do on it, either way I paid for it with Amazon credit I earned online in my spare time, so it was basically a freebie.


Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I adopted another cat. Things are working out, but it's been a long and slow process of adaptation. It's difficult introducing a second cat, often times it doesn't work out, they fight, they try to kill each other, and it just can't happen, as much as you'd like to. Well, my cat, the first cat, is a male, an older cat, pushing 15 year's old. The new cat, is a female, much younger. So far, the key to our success has been a very gradual introduction, keeping them separated, she sleeps with me, he sleeps in the living room, with limited supervised visits. It's like an arranged marriage I'm overseeing. All visits must be chaperoned. As time goes by they spend more and more time together, becoming less hostile and more comfortable in each other's presence.

I would call this a success. We're having a kitty cat slumber party. Unfortunately, the big guy, the big black ball of fur sitting in the cuddler, not showing his face, wouldn't turn to face camera, but you get the idea.

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