Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bang, Bang

Still living in an apartment as an undeclared guest, it's very far from ideal, but it is what it is. I'm not complaining. I might bitch about it here from time to time, but really I take full responsibility for the life situation I'm presently in.

Once in awhile I blog about my neighbors, the people living around me that usually I know absolutely nothing about, not even there first name, other than what I see from afar, much like a spectator in a zoo. It's a bit weird to refer to people as neighbors, when really there strangers, they come and go, and are about as familiar as the people you see passing by you in a public parking lot.

Anyway, just had another incident here, happy Veterans Day. A new lady, an airman, moved in upstairs in the building next to me couple of months ago, hardly ever see her. Well today, well actually tonight about an hour ago, I hear some noise outside, and I peek out the blinds to see the boyfriend throwing stones up at her window, trying to get her attention. It's all dark up there, no lights on, I'm assuming she's gone to sleep. He keeps doing it, throwing the stones rougher and rougher. Finally, he starts shouting, calling her name, but no response.

He leaves, comes back, does it again, throwing the stones, shouting. Now he decides to climb up to her balcony. He does it in 30 seconds or less, so much for better security upstairs. He's banging on the window. Banging, banging, banging, louder and louder, shouting. Five minutes passes, I hear more shouting, next thing is bang, and the sound of broken glass. There's a glass sliding patio door up there, and he's busted through it and is now inside the apartment. I hear shouts, I hear a woman's voice clearly stating that the police have been called. A minute later the guy runs downstairs, disappears for another minute, doing something by her vehicle, and runs back upstairs. About a minute later I hear a helicopter. Yes, it is coming here, spot light shining on the building, and on my face looking out the window, and I see several police cars pulling up, my first instinct is that it's the swat team, and it's a hostage situation going on up there.

But fortunately it didn't end badly. The guy surrendered. The woman left. And there is now an armed guard outside. Welcome to Tucson everybody.

Okay, my little drama queen session is over. But I just want to add that this a first. A first time life experience. Not the first time the police have come to the building next door, but the first time that it involved an actual helicopter looking for an occupant of the building next door. They're both Airmen too by the way, the woman and the boyfriend, and it happened on Veterans day. Just had to make a note of it.

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