Monday, August 31, 2015

Family Feud

So while we're on the subject of death, which seems to be the theme this month, which ironically is itself on the cusp of death, being the last day of the month, that transition point between Virgo and Libra, and our saying our final farewells to all residual traces of Leo.

I guess death has been on my mind for a variety of reasons, but really what stands out most is the situation with the inheritance. I wrote earlier this year that my family member who died in the UK last December, and who I thought might have been a millionaire, but ended up being totally broke, well apparently that's not the case at all. Wasn't a millionaire, but not totally broke either, there's land and a house worth a few hundred thousand.

Okay, not bad for one person, but there's more than one person involved. And unfortunately it is turning into a family feud, a probate war. That's when all the family members to the immediate next-of-kin come out of the woodwork to demand what they feel is there's, and there's also the issue of possible misconduct by the family lawyer, and going against the wishes of certain parties that are closest to myself. Okay, it may be slightly exaggerated way of presenting it, but that's what's going on behind the scenes, and it is upsetting me very much.

Yeah, this is a perfect example of the ways in which money divides people. Causes people to go completely insane, going to war over something that is so ephemeral and trivial and stupid. I'm sick of it. I should have probably followed my original instinct, which is to completely sever all ties with all of my family members once and for all.

Though even so, I feel that I should probably stand by my mother and my father, even though I haven't spoken to my father in 15 years, I still feel some personal allegiance to them, but the rest of them, maybe I'd be better off without them.

Just some thoughts.

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