Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sitting Somewhere Outside

Sitting somewhere outside away from all signs of civilization, in a park, or even if it is just a backyard in the city, if it is quiet and private with a lot of vegetation blocking the view of the street or other buildings and other obstacles to spiritual growth and contemplation, such a place, in nature, away from noise, it is for me the best place to meditate.

I seek it, and I find it, and if I don't, I suffer.

I listen to the sounds, watching the real world unfolding around me, clouds passing in the sky, a stream of water moving in the wind, forming little ripples of water traveling how it knows best, swimming fish riding the currents like natural born surfers, dragonflies darting through the sky, flying through the air effortlessly like surfers of the sky, landing on blades of grass to repose and meditate, palm fronds shaking like maracas in the wind, a birdsong peacefully soothing me, and all else, it's all very conducive to a meditative state of mind, not thinking about anything, emptying my mind, experiencing directly, understanding without the need for words, it opens up my mind to new creative insights. I have to do this, otherwise I become closed off from wisdom, closed off, dead, like a slave at the mercy of mediocre minds, lost and desperate and going down hill fast.

You've got to get out to the wild quiet places. To listen, to feel the sounds in the deepest pours of your being, not just to the physical sounds, but to your minds own response to being alone in the real world not yet destroyed by ignorant minds who fuck it all up. That is the source of wisdom. If you believe in God, you could say that nature is a manifestation of divinity operating at a physical level. Don't worship nature, but do see it as a portal to inspiration.

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