Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Favorite Oasis

It's been awhile since I've posted here, I've tried unsuccessfully a couple times to post something, but it just didn't come out right, couldn't get my thoughts together, so it was a no go.

I've been majorly depressed lately, and opted not to explore that area here on this blog, because who knows whose reading, I could have locals spying on me for all I know, and so I've got to be careful. Try to keep things here more on the upbeat side, or at least grounded in the truth of a well reasoned argument. Got to remember not to say anything here that I couldn't live with being mentioned on the nightly news, which is strangely very easy to forget.

Anyway, I felt a bit better today, and had the energy to ride my bike out to my favorite oasis in the desert.

It was about a twelve mile ride round trip. The distance varies depending on the route I take, whether or not I choose to meander down extra side roads, but today I took the fast route, six miles there and six miles back. Was a good ride. Am getting noticeably stronger, and more fit. Probably the one thing to do before I die, before I leave this godforsaken city, will be to ride up to Mount Lemmon. I'm a bit scared of it though, not going up, but coming down, the fast speeds, the fear of brake failure, etc. But yeah, one day, I'll try, and keep trying until I succeed. And if I still have a blog, you'll get to hear about it, and see pictures, if you're still listening.

Anyway, getting back to today's ride, here are a few pictures from the park.

On the way there I spotted two dead round-tail ground squirrels on the side of the road, road kill. I saw two hawks, and one vulture circling overhead. And two road runners running across the street. One on the way there, and one on the way back. The second one had something in its mouth, possibly a baby round-tail ground squirrel. It was noteworthy because it's been a long time since I've seen a road runner, and here I saw two today, but I didn't have the camera ready, so unfortunately no pictures of that.

As for the park itself, wasn't too much wildlife there today, at least not visible, just saw some ducks, some fish, some turtles, and lot's of dragon flies and beetles. I photographed a few ducks, but today's pictures focused more on the vegetation, some signs, a couple selfies, and a little bit of the pond.

Where are the other people?

Ha ha ha. Well, I generally don't photograph people, other than myself, but honestly, other than the groundskeepers, I think I was the only one there. It was nice. Nice and quiet.

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