Sunday, June 7, 2015

Proud to be a Tree Hugger

Just wanted to record this moment. Was sort of bad day today, Saturday June 6th, tragic you could say, because six months later, the beautiful tree next to my patio, which was damaged by a freakish new year's day winter storm, was chopped down today.

It had showed signs of recovery, new shoots, was full of birds, possible nests, and seemed fairly balanced, branching off with two sturdy limbs on both sides. Though there was a split in the middle of the trunk, where the other half of the tree came down in the storm. I'm not an arborist, so don't know for sure whether taking the tree down was the best course of action, but in my non-professional opinion I think it would have been okay, deserved more of a chance, because if it was such a safety issue, why the hell did it take six months to come down, and not right away? Though believe me, for reasons I would rather not say, talking to the management was not an option, but that doesn't change the fact that I am extremely pissed. Pissed at the widespread incompetency and ignorance all around me. All I see is stupid people. Everywhere. Okay, like 90 percent. Maybe their kind, maybe their nice, some of them, but their fucking idiots. Everywhere. And I don't even think I'm particularly that intelligent, I mean, I know what I don't know, don't mean to inflate my level of knowledge, but I at least have the sense to recognize the widespread senselessness around me.

Okay, aside from the aesthetic aspects, such as the lovely bird songs and the beauty of the tree itself, there are some very practical reasons why losing this tree is a measurably negative loss for everyone who lived near it. Namely, it provided shade, and protection from the wind. Which means that with the tree gone, it'll be hotter in the summer, and cooler in the winter. Which also translates into increased energy costs. Isn't that the opposite that we should be striving for?

Well, just reminds me of how much I hate it here. Apartment complexes, the majority of which are nothing more than disposable mass assembly line housing for disposable people. It's a fucking McDonald's made of people, it's like Soylent green, for real, where ignorance is bliss. Pass the weed killer, please, the apartment complex dwellers condiment of choice. Accompanied by the soothing serenade of two leaf blowers blowing simultaneously side by side, by two illiterate glue sniffing doofuses, playing the game of let's make the biggest Valley Fever inducing dust clouds, because what the hell, it's fun, and all that matters is that THEY hear the leaf blowers, because that means we're working, even though we're not accomplishing jack shit, I mean really, all that matters is the time clock and getting paid; as to the quality of the work, who the hell cares, it's not like the management does, and the people living there are zombies anyway.

There's a lot more rant left in me, yeah you know it, but I think I'll save it for tomorrow. Because I'm tired, and would like to make a more reasoned argument against it, which I need a good nights sleep and some daylight to do. So, stay tuned for that, maybe.

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del said...

Hah - I know exactly what you mean. They cut the big aspen tree outside my apartment down when they "renovated" the complex a few years ago. The afternoon temps in both mine and the neighbor's apartments shot up ten degrees. They never said why they cut it down (probably didn't fit with their Phoenician sensibilities of what a cookie-cutter apartment complex should look like) but after about a year they planted a crappy, non-native tree in its place that will take sixty years to grow large enough to provide decent shade.