Saturday, May 9, 2015

Scary Spider

Been awhile since I posted a picture of a spider, the last time was a tarantula sighting (I'll have to add the link later). Well, last night around elevenish, I go to take the garbage out. I live in an apartment complex, so that involves walking around the corner to a dumpster. My neighbor just moved out, so I was kind of lingering near their apartment, seeing if they left anything, if they are completely out, or what. They had a weight bench that I had my fingers crossed that they were going to leave behind, but of course it never happened. Oh well, would have really been too good to be true.

As I'm going back, headed to my door, I see something moving, something almost shiny looking, metalicy, glistening in the covered parking light. It caught my eye. Although I didn't have my flashlight on, I could see something moving in front of me, something fast, and as soon as I turned my headlamp on, yes I wear a headlamp on my ordinarily 30 second trip to the dumpster, at first I thought it was a tarantula. It was certainly almost as large as one, but without the thick hair, the legs were skinnier, but the circumference was just as large. My second thought was that it was a tropical spider from either Florida or Brazil, stowed away on some grocery store cargo of bananas, or something like that, at which point my arachnophobia was kicked into full gear. And that is what I thought it was until tonight, when I think I identified it as a wolf spider. It has a poisonous, extremely painful bite, but is not deadly, at least not ordinarily. If you happen to get bit on the face or neck, it is advised to seek medical treatment, otherwise, wash the area, apply ice, and stay calm, and you should be alright.

Anyway, last night, it was like right on top of my door, this huge spider. My cat is on the other side of the door, and I'm afraid that if I open the door, the spider is either going to run into my apartment and attack my cat, or it's going to run up my leg and attack me. I've already had a next door neighbor have a complete psychotic breakdown outside my door a few weeks ago, with about a dozen cops, firemen, and paramedics, showing up at the scene, I don't think my screams about this spider after eleven o'clock at night would have made a very good impression with the rest of the neighbors. So I decided to retreat to the patio, climbing over the wall and everything. And that was my night. Very scary. It was a first. The second largest spider I've ever seen in my life. Just had to make a record of it.

Here's a picture of it:

The picture is a little bit misleading, it looked a lot larger in person, seriously. If you were to encircle it with a compass, it would easily be the size of an apple, or fit in the palm of a hand. Like I said, it was like a tarantula with skinny shaved legs. And it looked like it was really fast, and ready to pounce. The good thing is is that it alerted me, reminded me to not become too complacent sitting out on the patio at night, to be on the lookout for this thing, as it may live in the area and come back again.

So, thanks for the warning.

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