Friday, May 22, 2015


You know, back in the early to mid nineties, I think maybe it was either '93 or '94, I remember having a dream of being down by the beach at night and seeing a rainbow over the lake, which to me looked like Lake Michigan, because that's where I lived. I never saw anything like that before. Not in a dream, nor in wakefulness. I have no conscious memory of seeing such a thing in a movie, or reading about it in a book, but I saw it in my dream.

Well, just found out today that it actually does happen. It's not a figment of imagination, not some sort otherworldly surreal only happens in dreams phenomenon. They're called moonbows, or lunar rainbows, requiring the elements of a full, or nearly full moon, and water. The thing is though that people don't, ordinarily, maybe not even ever, see the rainbow as a full spectrum rainbow with their naked eye, instead it appears like a white light, but only in photographs is the actual rainbow revealed.

But in my dream, I could "see" it as a vividly colorful rainbow, but again, what I'm seeing isn't seen with my actual physical eyes, but something else, my mind's eye. 

Here's a picture of a moonbow, via wikipedia, though in my dream the sky was much darker, more visibly nighttime, rather than dusk or dawn, as this picture suggests:

See, it's pretty fascinating, that because I'm not very educated in scientific matters, there's a lot of stuff in my dreams that I'm seeing that I don't understand, that seem totally out of this world, that perhaps I hadn't any prior explore to, but would be understood by scientists.

How is it that I saw something in a dream that I never saw before and had no prior knowledge of?

Well, of course, it could be argued that maybe I had seen it somewhere, in a movie or something, but just had no memory of it. Maybe, but what if I really hadn't seen it before, and the dream really was the first?

The same is true for other areas of knowledge, not just scientific, but mythological, historical references, that go completely over my head, that I'm unaware of their significance.

I think it's like a form of prophecy, or foresight, illumination, inspiration. But if you don't understand what you see, the significance of what you are seeing, you may dismiss it as unimportant, and possibly forget all about it. That's why you've got to write it down. I'm sorry to say that memory is failing me. So it is absolutely imperative that I write this stuff down, or I'm going to lose it forever.

Won't forget my moonbows, though. I've only had a handle of dreams that I still remember twenty years later, and seeing a rainbow at night is one of them. And because I saw it mentioned on some news program today, I think it was PBS, I had to share it. Well, that is all.

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