Sunday, May 3, 2015

Delusions of Grandeur

I have absolutely nothing to write about. Yet, looking back in the past, at the early days of this blog, most posts began this way, where the idea came to me, once I just started writing. I wrote, until an idea worth pursuing surfaced.

Well, what does it matter. The blog will be deleted, and then what? It becomes lost, a memory of a dream, easily forgotten.


Yeah, I could have published that. Actually, I did, but you know what I mean, it's not the final word. In fact, many posts began that way, until I had the sense to press delete. Later, usually, I come back to the draft, I realized that I was just having a bad day. The bad days, become good days, then bad days, and good days again. The good and the bad being determined by the whimsical fancies of changing brain chemistry, cosmic rays, or fucking asshole people abrasively grating on my nerves.

Yeah, speaking of which, I'm planning to read the collected works of the unabomber. I told my grandma about it, and she was worried that reading that book would flag me as a potential terrorist. She didn't exactly use those words, but that was her meaning.

No worries. No possibility of it. Terrorism is, I feel, operating under the same mentality of the status quo, dressed in military clothing. You're not fighting the enemy, you're becoming one of their ugly cannon fodder foot soldiers, giving them a reason to exist. In other words, you're playing the same game, of cops and robbers, and you can't win. The cards are stacked, the game is rigged.

I mentioned my interest in the matter being comparable to a person pursuing a career in criminal justice, researching serial killers, and just because they are reading about them, doesn't mean they want to be like them.

Anyway, one thing that struck my attention when previewing the unabomber's work, is his obsessive use of the word leftist. Reminded me immediately of a person who used to comment here operating under the moniker of crow. I suppose people like that, with extremely high IQs, and associated with the far right and deep ecology, are already being monitored. Mostly a bunch of deluded wackos, usually living on the fringe, out in the backwoods of nowhere, or in the city living a double life, who think they are superior to 99 percent of the human race, and whose ideas wouldn't survive a day of face to face contact with ordinary people. Only in blog land, online forums, and in obscure books that no one reads, do they thrive.

When I read his work in full, I will have more to say about this. Just had to get these preliminary notes out there. That is all for now.

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