Friday, May 29, 2015

14 Mile Bike Ride

Well, let's see, I'm feeling pretty drained. The day after the last post, where I mentioned I did a mile run in nine minutes, I ran a mile and a half in 15 minutes, a slower pace. Wasn't the time I was expecting, but it was hotter, and plus the ground I'm running on isn't level, there's a slight incline.

Anyway, despite my time being slightly slower than I was hoping for, I felt majorly stoked about the simple fact that I actually ran a mile and half, the first in many years, anything more than this I will be breaking new ground.

I thought my biggest challenge would be my lung capacity, but the day after my one and a half miler, my legs were sore, and I wasn't counting on that. So I took a day off, but yesterday, I went on a bike ride, was only planning on doing an easy three or four miler, but ended up riding 14 miles, stopping at my favorite desert oasis. Only took 30 minutes to get there, which is totally awesome. I'm thinking I need to go more often, because the hot weather is coming back, though we've had cooler weather than usual, but the hundreds are on the horizon, as in any day now, and sitting by the water at this park is the most comforting thing in the world.

Here's some pictures from Wednesday's ride:

It was 95 degrees that day, and I only brought one water bottle. Nevertheless, it was a good day, not too many people there, and felt ten to fifteen degrees cooler by the water. I'm thinking that no matter what, I'm going to ride out there regularly, only need about two hours to make it happen, though one of these days I'll go in the morning and make it a whole day. Yep. anyway, I'm thinking, now that I'm in training mode, I either ride my bike, or run, with one complete rest day a week. We'll see what happens.

That's all for now.

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