Monday, April 20, 2015

The Idea of Equality

A had a random insight about equality this evening. In remembering my past experiences debating the naysayers who are against equality, I realized that a good way of presenting the idea of equality, the liberal theory that all people are equal, is to use a family as an example.

Does a mother and father love one of their children more than the other? It is my assumption that it doesn't matter if one child is stronger or more intelligent or more gifted than the other, a parent loves them equally.

I'm not a parent, but I have parents, and I would say that, despite certain disagreements I have with my parents, I would say that I love them equally. My dad has different skills than my mother. They are not the same. Far from it. But when it comes to my love for them, it doesn't matter if one is more skilled than the other in a certain area, it doesn't diminish the others worth to me. Even if they are not the same, if I were put in a position to risk my life to save them, I would without hesitation.

So equality is fundamentally about love. Without love there is no real equality. And where do you find love? Mostly among family. And if you do not feel a sense of kinship with your neighbors, if you do not see your fellow man, humankind, as family, it is probably very difficult to see beyond their flaws, to see their essential worth, to see their equality in love, as being not an enemy, as not a weakness, or liability, but as a friend.

That's probably the biggest problem with the theory of equality, that it is pretty much impossible to view someone you don't love, respect, or even like, as being your equal.

A lot of people like the "idea" of equality, but when they encounter someone acting like a total asshole, doing everything that they oppose, someone that you, in all honesty, neither like or feel any kinship for, how can you see them as your equal? Maybe it works on paper, but not in real life. 

Well anyway, for equality to be real, you must love everyone as family, and not just say it, but really feel it in your heart, but without that, you're living a lie, and equality is nothing but a word.

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