Friday, April 17, 2015

15 Mile Bike Ride

Been nearly a year since I've been to one of my favorite oasis's in the desert. The water had been retreating, the water tables have been low, due to over development of new subdivisions in the area, but it's slowly coming back. Though not too much wildlife this time, just a few ducks, two or three baby turtles, some small fish, a few lizards, and lot's of dragon flies. But the vibes were nice and peaceful, and temps were a comfortable 78 degrees and sunny. I spent about an hour and half here, and about an hour and twenty minutes riding my bike just under 15 miles round trip.

Most of the roads looked like this:

And when I arrived at the park, it looked like this:

This is the kind of scenery I like, water, any kind of water, a pond, a river, a lake, an ocean. I'm a water person all the way. In fact, I took this online trivia survey about what state you should live in, and based on my answers I got Hawaii. Now I actually don't want to move to Hawaii, although, if a good opportunity came up, I may be inclined to change my mind, but actually, I see it like this: I'd like to live somewhere that has some of the features of a place like Hawaii, but not Hawaii. Hawaii is too isolated for me.

Anyway, I love water, and it benefits me to surround myself by it as much as possible, because it makes me feel so much better. It's like my favorite place to meditate, where I feel most at peace.

More pictures:

Like a scene out of a Monet painting, if you look closely you'll see a turtle:

I find this picture very peaceful, in a zen sort of way:

Ducks floating serenely on the pond, and if you look closely you may see some fish:

Getting ready to leave:

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