Friday, March 6, 2015

Bike Love

Introducing a new category: bike love. It's all things related to bicycles. Pictures of my bike. Pictures from my bicycle rides. Bicycle tours. Bicycle advice. Featured bicycle blogs. Where I share some of the cool bicycle related websites I've stumbled upon.

The picture above is of my touring bike on one of my weekly grocery runs to Trader Joe's. It's about a ten mile commute give or take, and I've been getting by with rack trunk and backpack. Just enough room for one full bag of grocery's, including two six packs of beer.

Rather than start a new blog for it, once in a while, I'll post about it here. You could say I can see a bicycle tour happening soon on the horizon. I've got the bike. I've got the gear. Tent. Sleeping bag. Sleeping pad. Portable water filter. Stove. Panniers. Don't have a whole lot of money though, but I've got a tiny little bit, or at least, I could pack my own food, and go on a short weekend tour, camping on the sly, to unexplored territory within 300 miles of home. It could happen. It should happen. I've been thinking about doing it now for 12 years, and at one point I had plenty of money to go anywhere in the world I wanted to, but something always gets in the way, and the money eventually runs out. But no more. It's now or never. Yeah, my mother is scared to death that I will be raped and murdered by Mexican drug cartel banditos. And yes, it's not as farfetched as it sounds. But I can't let that fear stop me.

Anyway, in the meantime, rather than start a new blog, we've got a new category, and so that should motivate me to write more about it. Hopefully. Only time will tell. After all, it's either this, or nothing. Because in case you haven't noticed, I've officially entered a creative writing slump. Also, my blog theme is presently in a state of crisis. I just can't stand the sight of it, and can't find anything I like, so be forewarned that it'll probably change a hundred times before I settle on something I like. Ironically, I'll probably end up right where I started from. Sort of. That's the irony of my life.


del said...

Yes!! Bike Tour! Do it, Cym! And take us along with you!

(And no, you won't be raped and murdered by banditos, although you will probably meet an interesting person or two and see new country and do something most people are too scared or too hypnotized by facebook iphones to ever try.)

Cym said...

Yeah, we'll see. Whatever I do, whether I stay close to home or venture far away, I'll definitely write about it here, and hopefully have some good pictures to share too.