Monday, February 16, 2015

You Forever

So I just started reading You Forever, the second book I've read by T. Lopsang Rampa. Despite the fact that I didn't much like The Third Eye, I decided to give this one a chance, since I had requested it weeks ago via interlibrary loan and I hate to waste those requests coming from hundreds of miles away.

Luckily this book, You Forever, is much better than the other one. Though can't say I'd give a perfect five star rating, but maybe it will be deserving of a modest, yet still respectable score of a three out of five stars. 

It's classified as being non-fiction, a sort of instruction manual for developing psychic abilities. So I suppose you would find it in the new age/philosophy section of the library. Though I am definitely more skeptical of new age ideas than I used to be, don't absorb every word as the absolute truth, far from it, but I'm finding this book to be very easy to read, entertaining and inspirational, with creative ideas about seeing the world from different perspectives, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Even if this is just recycled thought, and after all what isn't? it's put together very well, that if you're ever looking for a good introduction to new age thinking, this might be a good book to start with.

I just read a section about seeing auras, the difference between the etheric body and the aura. The etheric body is sort of a residual emanation of the life force of the body, which according to this author is what ghosts are made of, whereas the aura is more than that, being sort of a visible link between the body and the soul, revealing not only the physical health of the body, but more of the soul energy animating the body, the general orientation and intentions animating the personality, whether they are good or evil, compassionate or ruthless, compatible or incompatible with your energy, etc.

Reminded me of a workshop I went to when I was like 19 or 20. Back then when I was living in Wisconsin I had an older friend that was into this stuff, and we went all over Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to different new age shops, seminars, theosophical sponsored meetings in the after hours of bank basements, and one time we went to this workshop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin about how to read auras. I wish I could remember her name, the teacher of this workshop, as I would look her up, who besides claiming to be able to read auras, was also a Reiki master, and intuitive counselor.

Though I have had success seeing the etheric body, which is like a thin film surrounding the body, and sense the magnetic emanations, heat and vibrating energy from living things, I've never been successful in seeing the aura. After reading many books, and after many failed attempts I just sort of gave up, dismissing it as not very important anyway.

Though it would be cool if you could just look at a person, and based on the colors of their aura know whether or not they are telling the truth, whether they have good intentions or bad intentions, whether they are healthy or sick, and if they are sick what specific illness they are suffering from, even if they don't otherwise look sick, if you could sense some underlying problem in its early stages, and maybe be able to help heal it, either energetically, or by bringing it to their attention so they can seek medical treatment for something that may have otherwise gone undetected.

I'm still somewhat skeptical of it though, this kind of thing is in the realm of the fantastic, I guess you would call it pseudoscience, so it's not like I know this whole idea of seeing auras and of being able to accurately read people this way, it's not like I know it to be absolutely true, because I have not experienced it to be a fact myself. I'd like to believe it to be true, it would be nice if it were true, but until I actually have this ability myself, I will probably remain unconvinced.

I just hope that the people that claim to see auras, that write about how to see auras, that describe what auras look like, and what the different colors mean, I just hope they are actually speaking from personal experience, knowing it to be a fact that they have actually repeatedly experienced themselves, and are not just repeating what they have read elsewhere, without having actual firsthand knowledge of it.

After all, it is difficult to believe that a person can see auras, when you yourself are unable to see them, and when most of the people you know are unable to see them. It's difficult not to feel suspicious about it, to suspect that maybe they are either lying to you, or they are lying to themselves, having falling into the delusional error of wishful thinking. That having read numerous new age books saying this and that is true, even though they have yet to find confirmation of it themselves, that they have reached the point of believing without seeing, and are thus perpetuating the falsehood to others. Hopefully that is not the case.

Okay, let's say that auras are real, that there is scientific evidence supporting not only the existence of auras, but that confirm that people can in fact be trained to see auras, even more important than that is determining the value of seeing auras, of accurately deciphering their meaning, and then determining what you can do with that knowledge.

I would say that using it as a lie detector would in itself make it worthwhile. Being able to accurately size a person up instantly would be a very good skill to have too. But to be able to do that, you've got to first establish a standardized system of meaning, that different colors means such and such, and then you've got test its reliability. This is what the occultists and new agers have been saying for hundreds of years, but how accurate is this information really? I mean, maybe the aura can be proved, but who can prove that purple means this, and orange means that? Unless you can repeatedly demonstrate certain colors being associated with, for example, certain ailments, it will largely be a matter of speculation.

However, I think there's potential value in being able to read auras, but first you've got to actually see them, otherwise, until you can do that you've got nothing, it's just a theory, with no substance to back it up.

Well anyway, I would say that if you can stand to read new age philosophy, and want a good, easy to read starting place for learning about auras and other new age ideas, I would say give You Forever a chance.

Update 2/17:  Actually, now that I've read most of the book, I'd have to revise my review somewhat. Instead of giving it three out of five stars I am more inclined to give it two. It's still an okay reference book, but you don't need to read the whole thing cover to cover. Some lessons are definitely better than others, and others are worth skipping over. However, there's still enough substance there to make it worth checking out, if you can get it for free at the library, but I wouldn't recommend buying it for your permanent collection.

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