Friday, February 27, 2015

February Fitness Update

Oh how I must have forgotten how important it is to take a deep breath, to take several deep breaths, to relax yourself in this way, and to not do anything drastic or to make any important decisions without first doing this. My mind has been running at high anxiety levels, been depending on beer for too long, when really all I needed was to breath.


Breath in...breath out. Repeat.

I feel like I'm getting stronger. Yet, I'm working against a force called time, also called aging. It's like I'm walking down the road, and each year that passes that road get's a bit steeper, a bit more difficult to climb. I still look very young. Not just in my own mind, but am told by strangers, by sales clerks, anyone and everyone, that I look ten to fifteen years younger. Okay. It's true. But the reality is, I am what I am. I may look 25, but I'm not 25. My actual age has yet to show on my face, but it's still somewhat of a handicap when it comes to developing my athleticism. I can reach my physical fitness goals, but each year that passes, it get's a little bit harder, I'm working against more resistance.

I have been doing the pushups regularly, but not fifty, or twenty, which is my goal, more like four sets of five, sometimes ten spread out throughout the day, and a lot of the plank exercise. This I do, three to five times a week, and have been doing so for months. So, there has been some improvement. A little bit. Even though a few year's ago, I could do more maximum pushups, I didn't stick with it, so in this way I'm climbing the hill slow and steady, the repetitions are not many, but I'm consistently doing them. I'm also still riding the bike every week, doing squats, and walking, but not yet running.

I don't know, I must have some kind of sinus condition, because whenever I try to run, I get problems with my sinuses, that I never get from any other kind of fitness activity. Though I do have chronic runny nose when I ride my bike in any temperature less than 90 degrees, but I don't get the sinus pain I've gotten from running. I don't go to the doctor, so who knows. Though maybe I've exaggerated the sinus problem a bit. I mean, yeah, it's there, but I'm not giving up just yet. I'm sticking with a three mile goal, but it's sort of a low priority, something I see in the distance, with no plans of becoming a marathon runner like my cousins. Really have no desire for it. But three miles run on a regular basis, as opposed to being a one time challenge, would be good enough for me. I haven't really been aggressively going after it, because of the sinus problems, but I'm thinking as I get stronger in other areas, which I have been, it will be easier to accomplish.

Baby steps. This is so small. Anything involving physical athleticism is small. But it is nevertheless vitally important. The mind is the master, but a weak body limits a strong mind. Without a strong foundation of physical strength and mental discipline, you won't get beyond that basic level of survival. It's a very basic level, but it's the foundation for all else that follows. Well, it is for me, because I've got secret goals concerning the longevity of my time here on earth that won't be voiced here, but let's just say I've got to be physically strong, to prepare the way for my mental fitness, to get to where I need to be, which has absolutely nothing to do with physical athleticism.

Anyway, I've been making some progress in my fitness. Which is why I'm writing this post. It's a sort of mile marker. Maybe it doesn't mean anything to you. I don't know, but it feels good to say it. I feel stronger. Look stronger. Just need to learn to relax naturally. Doing more of the deep breathing exercises. I did some tonight. Was originally going to write a post more about that, about breathing, sitting outside and listening to a conversation between two owls, but that will have to be another post.

Have big plans for pictures in the next couple of weeks. I'm planning on doing a couple of day trips on the bike. And doing a video clip with audio of this awesome birdsong sanctuary, of hundreds of birds hanging out at this pecan farm nearby where I live. I was there yesterday, but didn't bring the camera, and it was just so glorious, that I think I want to share it here. And plus, the weather right now is awesome, it's hard to believe that my hometown has only been in the teens, with a ton of snow and ice, and here we've been in the upper seventies with plenty of sunshine. It's like a world apart. Like being on another planet.

I'm telling you, it's a good time to be in Tucson, though we've got a bit of wind and rain coming up this weekend, and a slight cool down with highs in the 60s, so it'll probably have to wait until next week, but yeah, I'm planning on a few adventures and sharing them here. Hopefully I haven't lost all of my readers, otherwise I guess it will just have to be for my own benefit.

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