Monday, February 2, 2015

An Emotional Rollercoaster

Yesterday I believed I had won the lottery, and today it turned out to be a mistake.

Basically what happened is this: I found out that my relative who died about five weeks ago didn't have a will, which means that the next-of-kin become the heirs to the estate. Which means that my family would be getting everything, what we believed would be over a million dollars. And although I personally am not the first in line to get it, I would definitely be getting something, as I was promised that from the first in line beneficiary.

We're like hurray, we're inheriting a small fortune! It's like winning the lottery. And although it's going to be a very slow and drawn out process, because the estate is in a foreign country and there is property to be sold, and wouldn't be seeing any actual money from it for several months, this is like the best thing that could have ever happened. A dream come true. I need this money. With this money I can be free. I can do whatever I want. This is going to change my life for the better.

Squash. The dream is shattered. The long lost millionaire uncle who left you the family fortune turns out to be broke and heavily in debt. The house which was once paid for free and clear, has had multiple mortgages taken out on it, and the bills weren't being paid. All the expensive artwork and collectible dolls were damaged from mildew. The house isn't livable. It was very cold and damp and full of mold. My relative died alone in the house of untreated pneumonia from living in such conditions. My two family members that went over there to deal with the remains were planning on staying at the house to save money on travel expenses, but ended up staying at a bed and breakfast, because the conditions were so bad. They had to pay for everything out of their own pocket, including the cremation, thinking that they would be reimbursed from the estate, and they still have to go back, but who knows if they'll ever get reimbursed.

The only hope is that things can be sold for more than what he owes. That the house and several acres of land can be sold before the bank takes it. There is still a tiny glimmer of hope. That the debts will be paid, and there will be a little bit left over. Not to inherit millions, but maybe a few thousand. We'll see. But the news I received today has got to be the single greatest disappointment of my life. Seriously, a major let down.

This was the last shot. There is no one else. This was the one and only chance of an inheritance. My parents have nothing. This was it. It's all over. Guess I'll have to go back to work, won't be retiring before 40 like I had hoped, and will have get used to being poor, because I sure as hell don't have the drive it takes to become a millionaire by working for it. Yeah, I was looking for the free ride. Guess I missed it.

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