Of Dreams and Deja Vu

It's been a long while since I've kept a dream diary, but I've been recording my dreams on again off again for most of my life, and so will ultimately return to it.

There is a good reason for it, of why dreams are a topic of recurring interest. Dreams are not just silly fantasies that occur during sleep, but they also reveal the state of your psychic health, and can be both sources of healing and disturbance, in that what you think about during sleep, affects your state of mind while awake. Unfortunately, for most of us, or so I assume, haven't actually interviewed "most of us" but let's just call that a theory, that for most of us, most of our dreams, what we think about during sleep, is largely unconscious, is largely forgotten.

There has been a new development in my dream life, or at least it's something I recently became conscious of, is this sense of deja vu in my dreams, this sense of having been there before, like a continuation of a dream I had year's ago, but had totally forgotten until now. It's not that the dream is exactly the same, but it's the same place, just in a different time. I've been getting that a lot lately, it's a strong feeling, and I know the details in the dream, but shortly after I wake up it's totally forgotten. Like I can't even describe the place, or how it was familiar to me, or why it's important to me.

The other thing I recently noticed is that, in my dreams I'm doing a lot of reading, even searching the Internet, and listening to speeches, both recorded and live, and watching videos, and some of it is complete nonsense, as in it's totally meaningless, but some of it is completely logical and meaningful and I'm learning something of value from it, or at least that is the feeling I get, as the memory is not clear. Either way, the point is that many of my dreams involve me receiving something, absorbing an education of some kind, and it is accompanied by a feeling of deja vu.

But there are also many dreams where there is this feeling at the time that it's real, that I'm not aware that it's a dream until I wake up. So, it's like there's this whole other parallel world, you've got the dream world, and the real world, and both have periods of consciousness and unconsciousness.

In the world of wakefulness, what we typically consider the real world, we sometimes are very alert and aware of what's happening on many levels, and other times we're not really paying attention and it's more like we're sleepwalking through it all, going through our day on automatic pilot.

The same in dreams, some dreams we are fully conscious of what's going on, clear in our thinking, and aware that we are dreaming, and in control of our thoughts and actions, other times we are sleeping while we're dreaming, unaware that we are both sleeping and dreaming, and it may seem as real as anything else, but more so like being on drugs, a drug that alters your perceptions and tampers with your logical reasoning, and you're not quite all there. It's a bit of craziness, unconscious dreams, dreams that make no sense, dreams that are mentally disturbing, such as nightmares, that you feel under the control of, rather than in control of, like you're trapped and totally at the mercy of the dream -- that's what contributes to psychic illness.

Frequent nightmares. Dreams that don't make any sense, where everything is just nonsensical gobbledygook. Dreams that are sources of stress and anxiety, of feeling trapped like there is no escape. Imagine having dreams of this nature all the time, that's going to have an influence on your mind, on shaping the state of mind you have while awake. In this sense, these dreams, and perhaps most dreams, reflect your unconscious thoughts and feelings, any issues you have, where things are not right in your life, manifest in your dreams. The dreams reflect a pre-existing problem, but if left unattended, they can also reinforce the problem. If you address the problem in the dream level, it will carry over to the real world, and vice versa.

Perhaps it is more effective to fix an unconscious problem at the unconscious level of dreams. Perhaps you could look upon the dream world as a place to fix problems, to find answers, to find cures. It's like a medical clinic for the subconscious levels of your mind. You go to sleep and you've got this whole dream world at your disposal, it's not just to rejuvenate your body, but also to rejuvenate your mind. To make yourself healthy and whole at all levels of your being.

I really do believe that dreams have the power to heal, and possibly to work out any mental problems a person may encounter, whether that be personal, or some solution you're trying to develop for work. But you have to pay attention to your dreams and train yourself to remember them for them to have any benefit, and keeping a dream diary is a very helpful tool in that regard.