A Magical Place

Interesting developments. Learning more about my relative who died, apparently of natural causes around the winter solstice.

Looking at a bunch of pictures of his property in Wales. Two things I didn't know about this person that I just found out recently, was, one, that they were into dowsing, and as such mysticism and the occult, and were personal friends with one of the most world renowned dowsers in the UK, who lived in a castle, and was actually utilized by the police to locate missing persons and hidden objects buried in the ground. The second thing I discovered is that on his property, there are five standing stones, there for maybe thousands of years, that are configured in the pattern of a pentagram!

It is just so overwhelming. I'm like, why didn't I know this person? Well, it didn't help that we lived in different countries, he had never been to my country, and I had never been to his, but also he was an eccentric recluse, who didn't have a very close relationship with any of his biological relatives. His own sister hadn't seen or spoken to him in over 15 years. He never answered his phone. And once his wife died, the only contact was online, and that is the only way I know him.

The property is spectacular, hobbit country for sure. I'm talking museum quality. Statues. Sun dials. Standing Stones. Peacocks. Donkeys. Green. Everything is green. Alive. Vibrant. He had in the early days run it as a bed and breakfast. He was an artist. A teacher. His wife a fashion designer and architect. She died a few years ago. No children.

Anyway, things are happening. Got people going over there soon, to deal with the remains and to execute the will. There is talk about maybe keeping the property in the family, rather than selling it off, but unfortunately there is a 40 percent inheritance tax in the UK, and depending on what the total value of the estate is worth, which we do not currently know, it may have to be sold to pay it, because that adds up to a huge chunk of dough. But we'll see what happens.

I'll probably post some pictures of the standing stones, and statues at a later time. It's just such a magical place. I wish I could go there, but I don't want to be in debt to anyone, but I'm telling you, it would be a great place to do a bicycle tour. His property is near a bike trail called the Celtic Trail, a 300 something mile loop through Wales. And I'm thinking I need to make it my goal to do that at some point. Seriously. Even if I have to slave away at a minimum wage job over the next five years, I'm going to get there some way or another.

Wouldn't that be great? I would totally blog about it here. With that kind of inspiration the blog would most certainly become a lot more interesting. I would be in movement, excited, energized, feeling alive, rather being in stasis, the present state I am. Things would definitely take a turn for the better. Yeah, there's all kinds of possibilities of what could happen. I'll keep you posted.