Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Red Pill

My face is a screen.

I look at my computer, and my cat walks in front of the screen, blocking my view of it, for he wishes my attention directed toward him, rather than it, rather than this. I divert his attention away, moving to the side, using my hands to guide him, like the shepherd to the sheep.

He looks at me, as I look at this, I'm his version of a laptop, a television, a blog, seeking my attention, looking, as I look, seeking a connection, perception, attention, and mutual affection, or so we hope. One on one. Face to face. One screen to another.

In many ways our eyes are like screens. Each eye like a computer monitor.

There is some deeper truth to that that I am unable to articulate at this moment. I think of such books as The Holographic Universe or David Icke. I've read it, both of them, but would have to read again to give a book report, such is the extent of my unconsciousness.

I reminds me of The Matrix the movie. You know it? Sure you do. If you look at that film as being more than science fiction fantasy, but of revealing deeper philosophical truths applicable to the real world we live in, I would suggest you look at the mass media as being a matrix of sorts, that, coupled with that whole apparatus of government, military, the rule of law, the notion of separate nation states, as being a sort of matrix, manipulating consciousness in a way that is not reflective of reality.

If you want to recognize the real life matrix in our lives, the lies before our eyes, you need to concentrate your attention toward advertising, public relations, and all aspects of mass media, particularly that which is officially sanctioned. That's where it's at. That's where all the bread crumbs lead. That area of research is the real life equivalent of taking the red pill as seen in the movie the Matrix.

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