Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Magical Nature of Birdsong

Cool title, eh? Yeah, I just thought of it, which is about as spontaneous of an insight as they come. Well, actually, it embodies a feeling, a feeling that arises not so much from thought, but experience, actual, real, physical experience, the realm of feeling grounded in fact; whatever the hell that is. I say that because you could get that feeling in a dream, too, which isn't reality, but is experienced in a way that seems more real than an abstract thought, realized while wide-awake but disconnected from experience.

Anyway, the magical nature of birdsong is something I experienced today, really experienced, as in I was there, being in the full space of time materialized before my eyes and ears and all of my senses. You can't get that from a book, or a movie, or an audio recording. Being in the space of actuality, the space of being present, up close, for real, there is no virtual reality substitute; anything else is a diluted, abstract presentation, a pointing at the moon, not the moon itself.

Birdsong. Awesome. I love birds. Real birds. Not machines. Not recordings. But the real deal.

I was riding my bike, sorry no pictures, did some errands, grocery run to Trader Joe's, took the long way home through ranch country, passed by a pecan farm, and there were hundreds of glorious birds, making the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life. I had to stop. Soak it in for a moment. It was truly magical. I want to revisit that place. That moment. That feeling. But, you know, you can't force it. You go back, and they are not there. It's not the same. The same music does not play whenever you want it to.

The sacred birdsong is not motivated by fear or money or the ambitious strivings for success. They are neither slaves or employees. They sing when they wish. No guarantees. Though there may be some predictability to their schedule, feeding time at the zoo, etc., to tap into the right frequency, the right vibe, of harmonic resonance, of sacred space, that is something that is more of a spontaneous blessing, a rare gift that can neither be purchased or planned. And I got that gift today, and I'm still feeling it. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

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