Friday, November 7, 2014

November Fitness Report

I'm getting into better shape. Riding my bike at least twice a week, putting in ten to thirty miles, which if you are a pro, is certainly a beginner's mileage, but for me it's a good start. I enjoy sculpting the perfect cycling legs. My legs were skinny minny, but little by little I'm getting more muscle definition where I once lacked it.

Also getting back into doing pushups, still far away from my original goal set for myself like five year's ago to do 50 pushups, now I'd be happy to do 20. I'm getting there. It takes time and persistence. Just do it. Whatever you can do. One. Two. Three. Five. Whatever. Just do it, and keep doing it, after awhile, you get stronger, and can do more. I think I'm actually in better shape now, then I was five year's ago. My upper body strength was stronger, but now I've got better all around fitness, so when I do improve my upper body strength to what it was before, I'll be even stronger than I was, because it's more balanced.

I haven't done it yet with any regularity, but one of my goals planned for myself in the near future is to regularly either ride my bike, run or walk to this park that's a few miles away, and use there outdoor body weight gym equipment. There's a whole circuit to use, but I especially want to get back into doing chin-ups and pullups again, because I notice that when I used to do that (remember the tree branch chin-ups, any old school reader's left?) my strength improved very fast.

I still walk everyday, but I'm finding that I enjoy riding my bike more. I'm really tired of the scenery around here where I live, the novelty of hiking all over the place within a five mile radius has worn off, I prefer the bike, because I love bicycles more than pretty much any other vehicle, but also because I can travel further away to more interesting scenery, while still being outside and feeling a part of the scenery, and not have to spend all day getting there. I also enjoy the challenge of building up my strength and endurance riding a bike; trying to bring my average speed up to 18 mph, and having a bicycle computer it's a fun goal to keep track of. Also getting much more used to riding with traffic, although I am painfully aware that even if I do everything right everyday I ride could be my last.

I'll be 38 in two weeks. Still get carded. Still look like I'm in my twenties. Still feeling like it too. Don't think I'm geared to be a middle aged person. I don't think I'll ever be old. Despite whatever my chronological age is, or even whatever I look like, inside I think I'll probably always be about 25.

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