Wednesday, October 22, 2014


How is it that I grew up listening to techno and world music, and never heard of Shpongle until today?

It's mind boggling, actually. Well, I've been revisiting William S. Burroughs, which lead me to this book about psychedelics, which referenced the band, and that's how I made the discovery.

The ripple effects of random internet searches leading to new books, to new music, to new blog posts, and to life changing experiences.

I've been off music for awhile, probably because of an overexposure to bad music, can't stand about 90 percent of it, in all honesty mostly enjoy the sounds of nature, not pre-recorded but live, but I've always prefered instrumental music, and think this may be one of my new favorites. Love the cover art, too. The Ineffable Mysteries was done by Storm Thorgerson, who also did most of Pink Floyd's album covers, among many others, and I pretty much love everything he ever designed.

Here's a small sample of the music, with cover art and links:

Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland

Wikipedia | YouTube |

Tales of the Inexpressible

Wikipedia | YouTube | Amazon

Now for a throwback to 1995 raver culture.

Before there was Shpongle, there was Hallucinogen.

This is probably one of the best techno albums ever released. Seriously. You could do some serious cardio to this. Or just relax and dream. It works both ways.

Buy Hallucinogen - Twisted on Amazon or read about it on Wikipedia.

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