Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hopefully, you are nothing like me, and you live a full life, and don't spend the last couple hours of each night watching television.

TV sucks, and yet, I keep coming back. Is it just me, or do people seem to becoming sillier and sillier. Like, most people have either a computer, a tablet, a television, or a smart phone, and many have all of those things, and yet, they don't seem any wiser because of it. If anything people, to me, seem to becoming less aware.

They have more information at their disposal, and their technological vocabulary has been expanding, but for the average person, it's more so a matter of repeating without really understanding, without really knowing. Yeah, their fast, their manic, their hyperactive, but very similar to parrots hopped up on amphetamin, repeating a script, addicted to speed, to screens, to constant stimulation, to always being on, but not really thinking, other than thinking about how they can make more money, and buy more stuff, and always being online, or looking at screens, playing games, chatting, typing, always on, but never really here. Entrapped by the script of other people's expectations.

I guess that's a symptom of our industrialized world. Where material progress is valued higher than spiritual enlightenment. Where it's all about the bottom line. Making money, spending money, acquiring more and more material goods. Yes, work, the production and consumption of material goods, is a fact of life, a necessary reality, as unavoidable as our need for oxygen, our lives depend on it, BUT it is not everything. There is more. More than earning money and establishing a successful career. More than finding a partner and having children. There is more to life beyond material success. It's mental. It's spiritual. And it's personal. It's about self-awareness. Self-realization. Waking up. Thinking. Knowing what really matters. Understanding the bigger picture beyond survival. Beyond society. Beyond politics. Beyond technogical progress. There is more.

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