Monday, October 20, 2014

Everything Worked Out

Okay, really shitty day today. I usually go to Trader Joe's on Sundays, because the traffic is lighter. And so, even though I'm pretty much broke, expecting a check next week, but in the interim, I just had a few dollars, and wanted some beer, so I decided to ride my bike to TJ's, which is pretty much a ten mile round trip. Yeah, that's right, even though I live within walking distance to a big box grocery store, I opted to ride my bike ten miles for a six pack of beer, simply because I like it, good taste, good price, and it can't be found anywhere else.

Problem number one. Had a helluva time inflating my presta valve tires today. Don't know why but I just couldn't get the pump connected right. And yes, I have done this before. I finally got it, but it took me forever, presta can be funny like that sometimes. For your information, the best way to prevent a flat tire, is to maintain recommended tire pressure at all times, which means you must have a tire pressure guage, and alway test before every ride. Your bike will lose tire pressure just sitting there after a couple of days. This is normal. It doesn't mean you have a slow leak. So yes, I inflate my tires often. Haven't had a flat tire in years. True story.

Problem number two. About one minute after leaving on my bike, it starts to rain. Then it stops, but coming back, I got caught in a torential down pour, a thunderstorm, with hail, and a stiff headwind, which had me going from 15 miles per hour down to 8. On the way back I took shelter at a park under a ramada, but then I look up, and I notice a sign, which says, not suitable shelter during a thunderstorm, seek shelter elsewhere, so I get the hell out of there, figured, what the hell, I've got to get home as soon as I can. Though I did have a rain coat, I generally felt completely like shit. I'm not used to riding in the rain.

Problem number three. Let's rewind a bit. When I get to the store. I park, lock up, get my stuff, wait in line, which was a very slow line, as the store was quite busy. I was only buying beer, so it was a quick in and out, should have taken less than five minutes. Well, I'm checking out, they scan my items, I'm prepared to pay, but then the person asks for my id, which I apparantly completely forgot to bring. Shit. Hey, I've been over 21 for over 15 years, I shop here every week, I rode my bike here, it's a ten mile commute, there's a thunderstorm coming, please. I had to step aside, talk to the manager. They weren't going to do it. They required by law to card me. They cannot sell me beer without any id, even though I am clearly over 21. Well, after what felt like a long ordeal, whatever I did worked, they sold me the beer without ID, even though I embarrassed myself completely. How could I be so stupid?

Coming back the weather deteriorated. I'm thinking I could get struck my lightning, or hit by a car, get knocked unconscious, and I would have no identification on me, nothing at all, to verify who I am or where I live. Nothing. Not a library card. Not an address book. Not a journal with my name in it. Not a phone, or even a camera.

I made it home alive, but I felt really shitty, and I still do.

So, that was today's ordeal. Will never make that mistake again. That's for sure.

Do you know how annoying that would to ride ten miles for beer, during a thunderstorm, to forget your ID, and be told you cannot buy it, even though you're well above 30? Well, yes, it's extremely annoying. The pitfalls of looking young, and being a habitual beer drinker.

A smart person would have just waited for a more fortuitous time. Not worth killing yourself over a six pack of beer, especially since I'm going back there on the bike in a few days for normal groceries.

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