Am I Up To IT?

Moments ago I stubbed my toe. It happenned because my cat was laying in my way, and I attempted not to step on him, so I stubbed my toe really bad once again. A good round up for an odd day.

I'm broke. Okay, without getting into explicit details, times have been hard, but I found a windfall, a gift card out of the blue, arrived in my mail box, and I hadn't a clue.

Long story short, I road my bike to TJ's, and encountered two negative events.

Firstly, just starting out, I witnessed some kind of a tanker truck pass by me, with a long hose, probably twenty feet long, dangling loosely on the road behind; an accident waiting to happen. Shortly after I noticed it, it, meaning the truck and a couple of men dressed in bright yellow safety vests, pulled over and addressed the situation.

Moving on. The traffic was really bad, but everything for the most part went smoothly. The more I ride, the stronger, and braver I become.

Secondly, I do my shopping. Everything is good there. No problems whatsoever. But on the way home, within a few blocks of the final stretch, I'm cruising at a fast speed of 18 miles per hour through a busy intersection, and a bee get's caught in my bicycle helmet vents. I can hear it buzzing, trapped in my helmet, hoping it doesn't sting me, I rush to the side of the road, and struggle to get the helmet off as fast as I can, and the bee escapes, leaving me entirely unscaved. That is a first. That has never happenned to me before. So that's number two potentially bad situation.

Number three, rounding out the night, is a terribly painful stubbed toe.

And by the way the title of this post was randomly selected in reference to the question I posed to myself, about whether or not I am up to posting this post. Apparantly I am. There you go. Another obligatory status report sent out into the ethers, like a message in a bottle castaway at sea, toward the virtual sea of anonymity.