Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taking a Midnight Stroll

So, last night after spending some time sitting outside on my patio, I was just about to come in when I stood up and saw a huge tarantula walking alone right down the middle of the sidewalk, right on the other side of the wall of where I had been sitting. Had I not stood up at precisely that moment, I probably would never have seen it.

This would be my third wild tarantula sighting ever in my life. The first was last year, which coincidentally was also in September. I think it may be an active month for them, something to do with mating season. I wrote and posted pictures about it here. That was a black one. And the second time was last month, when I ventured outside my apartment complex to watch the Perseid meteor shower, and discovered what appeared to be several tarantula burrows, and two brown colored juvenile tarantulas scurried by just inches away from my feet, retreating into their burrow with their legs partially sticking out, but I didn't get any pictures that time.

The one I saw last night, and pictured below, was also brown, but two toned, with a tan patch in the middle of it, which could have been hair, or maybe it was going bald, I couldn't get close enough to tell. But I think it may be the biggest one I've seen, possibly slightly bigger than the black one I saw last year, and about twice the size of the juveniles I saw last month.

What I did was go inside to get my camera, because I didn't have it out with me to begin with, and went outside my front door and out onto the sidewalk to photograph it. At one point, it seemed to sense me, it slowed down, and for a moment turned its direction, like it was going to head right for me, right off the sidewalk and down the two steps leading to my door, you know, to get me, but I backed up a little, and so it continued back on its way down the middle of the sidewalk. Just like the family of javelinas I saw last week, who were also walking right down the middle of the sidewalk. It's definitely not everyday that you see such a thing, and is definitely a first for seeing a tarantula do that. It was close to midnight, very quiet outside, and absolutely nobody around, so hopefully it made it out all right without getting squished.

Picture 1: I kind of like this picture the best. The car tire really helps put the size of this spider into perspective.

Picture 2: This is the back side of it, and it's moving away from me.

Picture 3: This is a cropped picture of the one above.

Picture 4: Bald patch?

Picture 5: Overview shot, leaving the sidewalk and headed into the parking lot. Not the best quality picture, but it's all I got. Do you see the "face" in the middle of the tan "bald" spot? There shouldn't be a face there, but it sure looks like one, at least from this perspective. Or maybe I'm just anthropomorphising? Yeah, apparently it's normal human nature to see human faces in inanimate, or non-human, objects, you know things like rocks, clouds, mountain peaks, trees, bugs. If that were a real face, that would be some crazy shit, like something right out of The Lord of the Rings.

*This is post 9 of 20, part of my 20 Posts in 30 Days challenge. I feel like I'm kind of running out of steam, don't have a lot of energy to do this, and it's going to be a very difficult challenge to complete, but I'm trying.

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