Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some Fine Art Puzzles I'd Love to Own

I haven't put together a jigsaw puzzle since I was 16, which, as I recall, was a fine art reproduction of The Carpet Merchant by Jean-Leon Gerome, that I happened to pick up at a thrift store, and upon finishing it I glued it together and personally framed it as a gift for my dad. I wrote about it here a year ago last September.

That's the last puzzle I remember working on, but I used to do a lot of puzzles when I was much younger, like elementary and middle school age, and I recall really liking it too, but I mostly did nature landscape pictures, the cheap mass produced kind you could pick up at a discount store. I hadn't ever worked on any other fine art puzzles besides the one I gave to me dad. So, just for curiosity I was looking at puzzles over at amazon.com today, and I picked out a few that I really liked, that I thought I'd share with you here. Not that I'm going to rush out and buy them all right away, I couldn't even if I wanted to because the money isn't there, but I'm keeping my eye on them, posting it here for future reference, and will probably order at least one of them before the year is out.

(1) Birth of Venus by Botticelli - 1000 piece puzzle:

(2)La Primavera by Botticelli - 1000 piece puzzle:

(3) The Fulfillment by Gustav Klimt - 1000 piece puzzle:

(4) Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse - 1000 piece puzzle:

(5) Ravensburger Antique World Map - 3000 piece puzzle:

(6) Skywatcher by Susan Seddon Boulet - 1000 piece puzzle:

(7)The School of Athens by Raphael - 1000 piece puzzle:

This last one here, The School of Athens, is priority number one. If I had to choose just one of these puzzles to order today, this would be it. My second choice would probably be the vintage map, followed by the 'Birth of Venus'. For some reason I love looking at maps, and vintage maps have always been exceptionally intriguing to me. But if I had the cash, and the time, I'd probably order them all. And throw in a few landscape pictures too while we're at it. But of all the thousands of puzzles I looked through on amazon.com, these were the ones that most caught my eye.

*This is post 1 of 20, part of my 20 Posts in 30 Days challenge. Which in case you missed the introduction, you'll have to check out the previous post for that. For such a short post, at least in terms of text, this took a surprisingly long time to put together. Between the time spent looking at puzzles online, downloading and uploading pictures, and saving links to each puzzle's page, we're talking at least a couple hours work. Yes, this was work, a labor of love on labor day (which was the day this post began). Yeah, some people aren't too smart, they work for free. We'll have another less graphically intense post up later today, or tomorrow, depending on your perspective.

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