Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Favorite Dog Breeds

You know, I think I was being too harsh in the post I wrote a year ago about Dirty Dogs. Well, I was in a bad mood at the time about people not picking up their dog shit, and I was kind of forming somewhat of a low opinion of dogs because of it. And was thinking that I'd probably never own a dog again.

It is a lot of work, and they do seem to be slightly dirtier than cats, or at least they don't clean themselves as fastidiously as cats do, but I've been thinking about it that, despite the hygiene issue, there will probably come a time in my life that I will own another dog. I think I would like to have one. It wouldn't be here though. I would never have a dog in an apartment complex. It's just not enough room. But if I ever do live in a house again with a large yard, and plan on being settled there for a long time, and am not planning on doing any major traveling, and am liking where I'm living, then I think I would get a dog again.

I've had cats for years, and the cat I have now has been with me for 10 years, but I wouldn't say I'm any more of a cat person than a dog person. I like them both. But the advantage of a dog, is that you can do more with them outside of the house, you know go for walks, taking them to the park, even bring them along on a trip, something that is more difficult to do with a cat. So I was thinking about it, that just for the sake of experiment, I was wondering what kind of dog would I get if I were to get a dog again. Even though I have no plans of doing so anytime soon, I thought it would be fun to see what kinds of dogs I tend to prefer. So I spent some time looking at pictures online and reading descriptions of the various breeds, and I came up with this short list of my favorite dog breeds.

(1) Long haired Collie

Source: Rough Collie - Wikipedia

I love this dog, in fact, if I were to get another dog, this would be my first choice. Extremely smart, healthy, long-lived, loyal, affectionate, with an extremely lovely, huggable fur coat, one of the most beautiful dog breeds I've ever laid eyes on. I've always wanted a dog like this. It's my absolute favorite.

(2) Siberian Husky

Source: Siberian Husky - Wikipedia

I'll never forget when I saw a dog like this for the first time, it was back in the mid-nineties, while checking out an independent book store on Locust Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The dog's owner, who was also the owner of the bookstore, was an older man of Japanese descent, with a very memorable Lao-Tzu styled goatee and mustache. The dog was in the store hanging around the front counter, very quiet and well behaved. I thought it was the most beautiful dog, with stunning blue eyes, and I thought to myself that one day I too would have a dog like this. Well, probably only if I move back to a colder climate, would never put a dog like this through the unbearably hot Arizona heat; even I, with minimal body hair, can barely take it.

(3) Golden Retriever

Source: Golden Retriever - Wikipedia

Great dog. I had a friend who had one once, and I loved that dog. It was always a joy to be around. Very nice. Very friendly. Very playful. Very affectionate. A very reliable dog to have. You can't go wrong with it.

(4) Alaskan Malamute

Source: Alaskan Malamute - Wikipedia

Similar to the Siberian husky, but larger. Another cold weather dog, totally unsuited to where I live. This is not my first choice, but if I ever lived in Alaska, or somewhere that got a lot of snow, it would definitely be a strong contender. It's a very handsome dog, and I've always liked them.

(5) German Shepherd

Source: German Shepherd - Wikipedia

This is a picture of a puppy. Very cute. But mostly, German Shepherds are work dogs, very good for personal protection, guard dog, search and rescue, etc., which is why they are the number one choice for law enforcement K-9 units. Very strong, healthy, intelligent dog, that will be a loyal friend for life. There's also a long haired version, called the Old German Shepherd, and I would probably go with that one.

(6) Border Collie

Source: Border Collie - Wikipedia

Despite being at the bottom of the list, this would probably be up there in my top three choices. It's also prized for being one the most intelligent dog breeds, after the poodle which is the smartest. It's just a great all around dog to have. Very good quality animal.

Closing Comments

Well there you have it, if I were to get a dog today, these would be my top picks. I tend to prefer the larger, more active breeds, and the longer hair. Yeah, there's a lot more upkeep, they shed their hair everywhere, you have to groom them regularly, vacuum more frequently if you have carpeting, but I just love to hug and pet animals, and a long and soft coat of hair is the most cuddliest of all. Which is why the long haired Collie is my number one pick. Strangely enough, I don't feel the same way about people. A beard is just, gross. And I'm not a fan of long hair on men either, or hairy backs, or hairy legs, for that matter. Sorry. But for dogs and cats, the longer the hair the better.

*This is post 14 of 20, part of my 20 Posts in 30 Days challenge.

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