Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Favorite Cat Breeds

Of course you knew this was coming, right? I can't have a post about my favorite dog breeds, without also doing one for my favorite cats too. Well, this one is not so cut and dry as it was for the dogs.

Why? Because there are clearly some breeds of dog that I would never want no matter what, and although I do have certain preferences, I really couldn't say the same for cats. I mean, I love all animals, and all cats and dogs are special in their own way, but dogs have I think more pronounced differences between the breeds, differences not only in size and strength and temperament and skills, but also, to me, some dogs are just plain uglier than others. And yeah, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what I think is ugly, such as a bulldog or poodle, other people love, but frankly I've never seen an ugly cat. All cats, both short hair and long hair, pedigree and mongrel, all have a certain elegance to them, that dogs simply do not have.

So cats are in another category. They're all beautiful, and all share qualities more in common with one another than do dogs of different breeds. The main difference between cats and dogs, is that cats are much more solitary, natural born hunters. Dogs are more sociable, but not all are good hunters. Beyond that, there are many more differences between different dog breeds than cat breeds. That is perhaps a totally unprofessional and unqualified statement to make, but that is just an opinion based on my own limited experience. If you know otherwise, feel free to set me straight.

The point is, I don't really have a favorite cat, their all wonderful in their feline way, but I do tend to prefer the longer haired ones. Though not so much the Persian. But there are three cat breeds, that are all somewhat related, being the largest of all the domestic cats and originating in colder weather climates, that really caught my eye as being especially beautiful. Because with cats, more so than dogs, it's all about the beauty, which is why people adopt an animal that were it not for the fact that you are feeding them, they wouldn't otherwise want anything to do with you. For a dog, it's more about the companionship.

Well anyway, here they are, followed by pictures of my own lovely cat, who isn't a pedigree, but he's certainly one of my favorite cats nonetheless.

(1) Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: Norwegian Forest Cat - Wikipedia

Source: Norwegian Forest Cat - Wikipedia

(2) Siberian

Source: Siberian (cat) - Wikipedia

Source: Siberian (cat) - Wikipedia

(3) Maine Coon

Source: Maine Coon - Wikipedia

Source: Maine Coon - Wikipedia

(4) My Cat, Domestic Black Medium Long Haired

These two pictures were taken recently, yesterday I think, or the day before. He's ten plus year's old, and still going strong. A bit of a drippy eye though, but other than that he's a very strong and healthy cat. He's actually pretty sociable, and extremely vocal, meows a lot, very loudly, actually kind of reminds me more of a dog than a cat. And I do have contact with other cats, that are much more solitary and quieter than he is. Still, he's more like a cat than a dog is like a cat, but more like a dog than most other cats. He's a great cat. You can read the story of how he came into my life here, I wrote about it February of last year.

*This is post 15 of 20, part of my 20 Posts in 30 Days challenge.

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