Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Dreams Remembered Redux

I've had a lot of weird dreams lately, but unfortunately I haven't been writing them down. All that I have to say about it now is based on a faint memory in my mind of a couple of different dreams I had within the last week, that stand out in my mind. There were more for sure, but as time goes by, another cycle of going to sleep, waking up, living another day, and repeat, the memories fade fast.

This is just a partial dream diary, a fragment of a memory, just a couple of things that I recall, that do not in anyway tell the complete story.

Dream #1: The 8th Dimension.

I was at some kind of gathering, or convention, sitting at conference tables arranged in cafeteria fashion. It had the vibe of being some kind of video game or Star Trek convention, and I NEVER go to places like that, it very well could have been something different, but that is the vibe I was getting from it. I'm thinking that I knew at one point exactly what kind of gathering it was, but I have since forgotten. Anyway, I have this sense of having traveled quite some distance to be there, I had my bicycle, laptop, and luggage. I had just arrived. Didn't know anybody. I find a table and sit down. Setting my laptop up, to do what with I'm not sure. But I sit at a table on the periphery of the room, one of the last tables not completely filled up.

A man sitting across from me, a black man, middle aged looking, and not slim, but kind of odd looking, introduces himself, shakes my hand, and says he's from the 8th dimension. Truly. Not making this up. Though this is a dream, it is not a work of fiction. I have no idea what happened next, or even before, but thought it was a bit strange. I have no knowledge of the 8th dimension, never heard of it before. Although I'm sure on some subconscious level I have. But, in any case, it is the first time I recall having ever encountered anyone in dreamland saying such a thing to me.

Comment about the subconscious:

I'm sure at some level everything that happens within the vicinity of consciousness, that is, everything that occurs in a person's life, everything seen, heard, tasted, smelled, touched, and thought is recorded in some subconscious memory in your mind. Everything. Nothing is missed. Every single detail is recorded, down to the exact replication of three dimensional space. The people. The landscape. The architecture. The weather. Every single detail is preserved like a photographic memory filed away automatically without your knowledge. Like a panoramic three dimensional video camera following you around wherever you go, missing nothing.

At some level everyone has a photographic memory. Everything is saved. Everything. There is no taking nothing back. And no way to erase anything. You may not consciously remember it, but at some level the memory is preserved fully intact, the record of your entire life, not just your internal thoughts, but a duplicate of the entire outward setting in which all events unfolded is saved like a movie.

In dreams, these subconscious memories may be tapped.

So, probably I've heard of the 8th dimension before, prior to this dream, but I have no conscious memory of it. But still it makes me wonder, why now did I have such a dream as this?

Dream #2 The Pool Table.

It seems like I've had a lot of dreams lately that occur in two places. One, the house I grew-up in, that I lived in from age 9 to 21. Two, my aunt and uncle's house that lived just down the street from my dad, in which I spent many summers in my childhood playing with my cousins. They had a swimming pool in their backyard, a finished basement with a pool table, television set, and video games. I spent a lot of time in that basement with my cousins back in the mid-80's and early 90's. So every now and then, I return to that house in my dreams.

They still live there, by the way, but my cousins are all grown up, and have houses of their own. But the house is still there, and my aunt and uncle still live there. I haven't been there though for over 15 years. You see, I left my hometown in 1998 and I haven't been back once.

Anyway, just the other night, as in within the last week, I had a dream in that house. I was visiting. Having some kind of get-together I guess, and I went down into the basement alone, intending to play a solitary game of pool, and I see something different that I had never seen there before. Some kind of electronic basketball game, like the kind you see at an amusement park, where you throw an actual ball. It was kind of like a pinball machine, at least in size, but for basketball, that allowed you to take free throws for electronic points.

So I give it a try, throw the ball, and then as soon as I do that I hear an alarm go off, and it doesn't stop. I'm trying to turn it off, to figure out what's wrong with the game, worried that I may have broken it. But then I wake up, to hear an actual alarm clock going off, realizing that I had been dreaming the whole thing, and that obnoxious sound just happened to intrude into my dream at the precise moment right after I had taken my first free throw on this dream machine.

Perfect timing, eh? Had it not been for the alarm, maybe I wouldn't have remembered the dream.

Not really anything monumentally insightful about this second dream, just making a note of the interesting synchronicity of when elements of dreams merge with reality. In this case, an actual alarm clock going off being perceived as a component of the dream and integrated into its cerebral landscape, only to ultimately end up serving as a wake up call from one dimension to another, pulling you from the dream world into reality. Kind of like the phone calls in the Matrix movie.

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