Friday, May 10, 2013

14 Mile Bike Ride

I haven't ridden my bike for quite some time, and so yesterday with the temperatures being in the low 80s, I decided to go for a ride way up into the far northeast of the city, technically way outside city limits, to this park with ponds and palm trees and abundant wildlife, truly a tropical oasis in the desert. I actually walked out there for the first time in March, which I thought to be a ten mile hike, but according to the odometer on my bike was actually more like 12 miles.

Well, it was a good ride. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's also a great way to burn belly flab. Will definitely get back into the habit of riding regularly. Just in time for the 100's. Ha ha. I had forgotten how much I love riding my bike, especially outside the city, and up into the foothills, away from busy intersections. My bike handled perfectly, no flat tires, no problems with traffic. Most of the roads I took had wide bike lanes, but there was just a short stretch, of maybe about a half a mile, with no shoulder, and I had to ride the white line, but fortunately there wasn't too much traffic there and whenever anyone passed me they took the other lane. Though it was kind of scary because the side of the road was in bad condition with broken up asphalt and loose rocks, and so if I would have lost control veering off to the right just a couple of inches I could have easily crashed.

I kind of wish I had a mountain bike, and probably my next bike will be a mountain bike, so I could more easily ride the unpaved side of the road if necessary. What I currently have is a touring bike, which is built like a road bike, but more durable, with a little bit wider and more rugged tires, 700 x 32 C with presta valves, and built for hauling heavy loads. It's not a bad bike, but I regret not paying a little more for a Trek or Cannondale, which would have cost about 400 dollars more at the time, and since my bike already cost over $800 back in '03 it wouldn't have been that much more really.

So anyway, I stopped off at this park and spent a couple hours there, walked around taking pictures, and lounging around the shore of the pond soaking in the ambiance, with the water vapors restoring my soul back to its natural equilibrium.

This is where I sat for about an hour. It was great!

I saw at least 30 turtles swimming around the pond. 

Self-portrait with touring bike next to huge palm trees. 

Overall I would say that it was a great day, and I look forward to going on several more bike rides this upcoming summer.

Oh and by the way, in case anyone was wondering, I scrapped the idea of having a separate travel blog, as I realized that as much as the idea of doing so appealed to me, I just don't have the energy to maintain more than one blog right now, and figured that since I only rarely do travel/photo diary posts anyway, usually no more than one or two a month, I may as well just keep doing it here. So that's that. I figured as time goes by I can always delete the posts I don't like, and keep this blog strong and healthy, as my one and only, and going in a direction that I'm happy with, rather than scrapping the entire thing just because of a few bad apples spoiling the entire barrel.

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