Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spontaneous Poetry

Last week I published a poem here called Spontaneous Poetry: Blogging.

Yeah, I know, it's a lame title. A better choice perhaps would have been to simply use the first line of the poem. But I chose the other name more so as a descriptive label, indicating that it would be a continuing series, though surely an infrequent one, with the format being what I called "Spontaneous Poetry," and the subject being whatever followed the colon, which in this case, was a poem about blogging.

The reason why I designated this poem as being a form of spontaneous poetry, is because the first lines came to me completely randomly out of the blue. I wasn't attempting to write a poem at the time, wasn't in front of my computer, wasn't even writing anything at all. I was just relaxing, sitting on the edge of my bed thinking, and obviously the subject of this blog was on my mind, was thinking about what it means to me, how I perceive it, where I see it going, and suddenly as a sort of effortless epiphany, these words popped into my mind exactly as is, completely unaltered, one after the other, much like a song:

do i touch your heart

from mine to yours
our minds do meet
through esoteric doors

a blog inside outside within
this cyberspace portal
that connects the winds

of eyes and thoughts
through electronic dots

That's as far as I got, at which point I realized I should write it down, but in the process of doing so, I lost the original transmission; whatever vibe I was tapped into was interrupted. So, wanting to continue with it, thinking it had possibilities for becoming a poem, but wasn't quite long enough yet, I had to play around with the words after that, figuring out a way to finish it, to complete the idea, to formulate a meaningful message out of it. You can read the rest of it here.

But those first few lines were completely spontaneous, fueled entirely by pure unadulterated feeling and intuition. Perhaps this is why the second part of the poem is slightly rough, because I had to think about it, lost a little bit of the original rhythm and flow, which originally poured out of me as effortlessly as water, but still I think it worked out. I actually like the poem a lot, and perhaps with some slight modification, think it has a lot of possibilities for a song...I'm feeling sort of a Sade ambiance to it. Don't think I'll be going there though, I've already embarrassed myself enough already (it's that drunk blogging, kids, don't try this at home), but I do nonetheless see its potential.

Well anyway, been thinking about spontaneous poetry, about what it is, and how to increase your chances of producing more of it, if that is even possible.

The difference between spontaneous poetry and regular poetry, is that spontaneous poetry occurs randomly in the moment, where it pretty much writes itself, is taken down verbatim, as is, like a live conversation, with little to no editing. Regular poetry is usually planned, where you decide to write a poem, choose a specific topic, brainstorm different ideas, and play around with the words, until you get it just right. There may be several drafts, words changed around, and it generally involves a lot more editing.

My poem was half and half. Though because the first part was completely spontaneous, the second part flowed very easily from that. It didn't take much time at all, and very little editing, having the foundation already laid, it was mostly a matter of maintaining the right tempo, without diverging from the poem's essential feeling and purpose: that of conveying my experience of blogging.

It came to my attention that spontaneous poetry is pretty much in the same category as what I have previously called random insights and creative soul fire. The only difference between the two is the outward form in which they take: one is poetry, the other prose. Both are spontaneous ideas, originating as an epiphany, a flash of creative inspiration that seemingly appears out of thin air. A spontaneous poem is a random insight put to verse, usually a rhyme, but not always; though the one essential ingredient it must have, is a natural rhythm and flow, where the words arise out of a place of deep emotional feeling and intuitive understanding, with a clear and truthful inner voice that speaks directly from the heart.

As to whether or not it is possible to stimulate or inspire your ability to produce spontaneous poetry, or random insights in general, I'm thinking it's not something that you can force to happen, because after all, if you could it would no longer be spontaneous, but you can at least be more prepared for when it does happen. Best way is to improve your memory, concentration, and ability to relax, and to always have a pen and paper handy, or a voice recorder, whichever works best for you. But the better your memory and concentration, the less likely you'll lose your focus, the richer your experience will be, and the more vividly you'll be able to recall the memory, so as to write it down at a later time without losing the essential message in the process, but the sooner you do so the better.

*This is post 17 of 20, part of my "20 posts in 30 days" challenge.