Monday, September 10, 2012

Of Slobs, Bad Habits, and Getting Things Right

Been kind of a rough weekend for me, was house sitting again, and drank too much booze (yeah real hard liquor, not just beer), and ate a lot of horrible processed foods, junk foods, fast foods, basically everything I swore against, stuff that if I had a religion it would surely be against it.

I've also been eating meat, on and off for a couple of months now: fish, chicken, beef, pork; and not just eating meat, which is not necessarily always bad for your health (depending on its source, quality, and serving size), but eating low quality, factory farmed, fast food meat that is most certainly bad for your health. I know, it is so disgusting, horrifying; I feel so dirty. I have contaminated myself for the sake of an experiment, to experience for myself what the majority of Americans put into their bodies on a daily basis, to feel as they feel, and it did not feel good.

People are really unhealthy, more so than not, so it seems. Eating wrong, not living right. But I'm not here to change you, or even to reprimand you. Though I am disgusted by what the majority of people are eating, at least in my country, all you have to do is go to any big box grocery store, not your health food store, or small market, but down to your local Safeway, and look in people's shopping carts, look at what people are buying: Processed shit: 99 percent of the time. And they think they are eating good, perhaps because it says "low fat" or "low carb." I am so nauseated by it.

Well, I periodically house sit for a person who is one of these disgusting slobs, who eats all the wrong things, has a huge amount of health problems, is on several prescription medications, which are primarily caused by their diet, they also smoke (even with a substantially clogged artery in their neck), and are basically a walking heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. I don't know how much longer I will put up with it, working for this person, who does everything wrong and refuses to see it, or do anything differently. Though the work is easy, is just some supplemental income, not a full-time gig, but the main ordeal is spending time around this person, because I don't just house sit for them, I also help them with shopping and other errands and chores, because they are too unhealthy to do it alone.

So anyway, I was house sitting for this person this weekend, and pretty much helped myself to everything they had to eat in the house, which was all garbage. Not a single healthy item to eat in the entire house. Everything was processed, microwavable, or ready to eat out of a box. Even the rice they had was garbage, Minute Rice, but not the kind that comes in a box that you do on the stove top, but was single serving portions in a prepackaged cup, intended for the microwave. I mean, come on, how lazy can you be? This person had nothing to eat that I would call healthy. Even the loaf of bread they had was shit; it was wheat, but filled with preservatives and other unwholesome fillers, and it didn't even taste good. And of course no fresh fruits or vegetables of any kind. Not even bananas.

Well, I decided to conduct an experiment, and eat all these types of foods that I ordinarily do not eat: Microwave dinners and salty snacks. I also had a few sodas, something I usually equate with the plague, and had a few Jack Daniels and Cokes (containing that evil high fructose corn syrup and NutraSweet, probably even worse than the booze), and pretty much sampled the entire bar. You knew it was only a matter of time, right? I would say I overdosed on sodium and alcohol this past weekend, way beyond my two beer usual. I kind of lost track at one point, which is why hard liquor and Cym do not mix, it goes through me like water, and is very difficult to control my portions. Where I feel nothing after six shots, so I have another, and all of a sudden it creeps up on you, and you feel like you've crashed into a brick wall. I metabolize beer much better than booze, and tend to drink it much more slowly, so as not to overdue it, easily stopping after two beers, but with hard liquor, I tend to drink much more than I ever would in beer.

So anyway, to make a long story short, this past weekend, I sampled what it's like to consume an unhealthy diet, to live an unhealthy lifestyle. I promise you that I will not continue on that path. I promise you that I will strive to live in a manner that is not destructive to life, most notably my own, and to stick to a healthy, pure and natural diet, of whole foods, slow foods, home cooked meals, homegrown organically grown vegetables (eventually), eliminating harmful habits, adding beneficial habits, exercising daily, doing those push ups, finally getting those abs of steel I keep talking about year after year, and just living an overall wholesome lifestyle characterized by moderation and self-discipline. Never allowing myself to become a disgustingly fat and unhealthy and undisciplined slob, vegetating in front of the TV, eating microwaved dinners and complaining about how bad I have it.

*This is post 4 of 20, part of my "20 posts in 30 days" challenge. I've kind of fallen behind these past four days, haven't read, or walked, or written hardly anything at all; though I did finish reading my first book of the month today, only four more to go; and didn't do any push-ups at all since last week, but I'll make up for lost time as soon as I can. I know this challenge means nothing to you, and you couldn't care less whether I complete it or not. But this project is important to me, so I will try my best to complete it, and keep you updated here, if not for your benefit, then for my own.