Sunday, May 1, 2011

Esoteric Notes Redux

This is a picture of one of my notepads filled with my handwritten notes. If you know anything about handwriting analysis this picture could possibly provide a goldmine of information, that is if you can read it. I write so fast that my handwriting is barely readable - which in certain circumstances could be a good thing - but I can read it just fine. I've even thought about using a mirror to write backwards, to conceal my private handwritten journals from prying eyes. Haven't done that yet, but I very well may.

Esoteric Notes
Cym's secret notes - Click to see LARGER

I'm always reading and taking a lot of notes. I have several notebooks, notepads, and binders filled with notes: passages from books, famous quotes, lists of books to read, names of people and places, words to define, subjects to look up online, and random insights that enter my mind written down in short form to possibly explore and elaborate upon another time.

Obviously many of my posts here are written randomly in the moment, as stream of consciousness musings in varying degrees of lucidity, some are written from memory, and others are based on an idea saved in one of my many notepads. I use these notes as writing prompts, and thinking prompts, as inspiration for future posts, or topics to think about and explore further.

It's particularly frustrating though when I sometimes forget or am too lazy to attribute the source of a quote. Seeing as though these notepads of mine are a mixture of different kinds of notes, some are my own original ideas written in my own words, and others are found and quoted word for word, so when I return to these notes months later, if I don't write down the source, I may not remember whether I wrote it or if someone else wrote it.

You could say it is the idea itself that matters most, not the person who thought of it, but I think it is useful to attribute the source, not simply as a token of credit and appreciation, but as a reference for finding additional related material. For instance, if you like a quote and know who coined it, you can look up the author and find more quotes of a similar nature.

So even if your notes remain private and unshared with others, it is a useful habit to get into to always attribute the source of your notes whenever possible, such as the name of the book and its author (or movie, website, song, or whatever), because later down the road when you page through your notepads, you may find that the name of the source may become a valuable note in itself - a word prompt leading to further investigation.

I am a very curious person and a very creative person. I am always learning. My mind is very active. If I'm not engaged in learning something, reading, thinking, and actively studying and contemplating the world, I would probably wither away. My mind would shrink. My confidence and will to live would fall. And the overall quality of my life, my sense of meaning and purpose, would become greatly diminished.

My interest in learning is a lifetime pursuit. But I am not an academic by any means (obviously). I have no interest in even going back to school, unless it were a job requirement, I feel that most of my learning can be done independently. To me learning is not merely vocational, it's recreational and inspirational. It is a way of life, not just something you do to make money or to get ahead materially, that's the least of it.

I'm not looking to be a walking encyclopedia, I'm looking to be a creative genius. I'm after wisdom. Not useless information. Any robot can memorize books and regurgitate facts. I'm looking for something more than that. I'm looking for freedom and creativity, independence and innovation, a deepening of awareness and an expansion of consciousness. I don't want to be a machine, I want to be a fully conscious, fully realized, creative, free thinking human being.

Learning, reading, note taking, is something I do in my spare time, but it makes up a very large chunk of how I spend my time. It is just the way I am. Like I've said here many times before: reading, thinking, exercising, and spending time in nature is pretty much my primary preoccupation.

This is another reason why I blog, because blogging is an extension of this creative note taking process, but it is interactive. Even if you never leave a comment, this blog is interactive. When you're sitting in your home, or wherever you may be reading this blog, unbeknownst to you you may actually be reading this at the same exact time as someone else on the other side of the planet.

What may initially appear to be a solitary individualistic experience, is actually a shared group experience. We are all observers and participants here. As soon as I'm finished writing, I'm a blog reader just like the rest of you. And the interaction occurs by reading or looking at what is here, engaging with it mentally, being affected by these words, makes you a participant too. You participate by being touched by these words, and responding to them in thought, in your own way.

It's kind of a trip if you think about it. I watch the watchers. You watch the watched. This insight is in the domain of quantum physics. How the observer becomes a participant, and the participant becomes the observed. Both influence each other. Your presence of attention influences the observed and the observed influences the observer. Rough. In my own words. Couldn't find a better quote. I had a great quantum physics quote that I think I accidentally threw away.

Here are a couple of relevant quotes transcribed from my notepad:

"No reality without a perception of reality - is the first rule of quantum physics."
- John A. Wheeler

"The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed" - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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