Monday, December 13, 2010

As I Am Today

I had a good walk today down by the wash. After having a few weeks of extremely cold weather (at least by Arizona standards) we're now having a heatwave. It was 80 degrees today, making southern Arizona the current hotspot in the country. It was awesome. If only it were 80 degrees all year round I would be very happy. The 100s I could live without, same with the 90s, but I'd say that 80 is about right.

I need to walk more. It's very therapeutic for me, not just for the physical exercise, but for its mental benefits - it grounds me, relaxes me, makes my thinking clearer, sharper, more focused and refined; and it improves my overall mood, making me feel ten times better than before.

I found this great spot down in the wash, that I'd never been to before, a sort of oasis of trees in the sand. I'll have to return there again. It was very quiet and peaceful there. All I could hear were a few birds, and leaves rustling in the wind, intermingled with momentary periods of absolute silence.

Outward silence, is conducive to inner silence. The quieter it is outside, the more you can hear yourself think, and the sharper your awareness becomes to self and surroundings. I was alone. I know it's more dangerous hiking alone, but I prefer it. I don't like to talk while I walk. I look upon walking as a moving meditation, and speech disturbs the peace of the moment, so I prefer walking alone.

I've had no problems with people so far, but I am armed with pepper spray and a walking stick just in case. My main fear is encountering wild dogs and venomous snakes; and also the thoughts of stumbling upon a patch of quicksand are always lingering in my mind as well, especially down by the wash (which in case you didn't know, is a dry riverbed) - just the sort of a place where quicksand has been known to occur - but so far, so good, no problems as of yet.

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