Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Computer: First Impressions

My netbook arrived Friday evening, a day later than expected. And what do I think of it so far? Well, I’ve only had a couple hours with it, but my first impressions are mostly positive. It’s fast. It’s silent. It does everything I need it to do flawlessly, even better than my seven year old $1500 laptop did, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

So I pretty much love everything about it, except for its screen size.

Now I knew going into this that it would be small. That was the whole point. The whole objective being portability and long battery life, without sacrificing too much in the way of overall comfort and performance.

I'm kind of thinking that I may have to be moving soon, perhaps rather abruptly. And I know I've been mentioning that on and off for the last couple of years now, but the possibility of moving, of actually be forced to move, are looming closer and closer every week that goes by. There is actually a very strong possibility that I may be moving in with my aunt for awhile, because the housing situation I'm in right now has become very precarious, not just for me, but for all parties involved. It's really bad.

Anyways, my whole objective is to pare down my belongings. To get rid of most of my stuff. To travel light. And since I wish to stay connected to the internet and continue blogging, no matter what my housing situation may be, I thought a netbook was the best route to go.

Now I've had no previous experience with netbooks before. This is my first, and will certainly not be my last. But after just a couple of hours, I can see that ten inches is just a tad bit too small for my needs, as I've noticed a bit of eyestrain from it. So next time around I think I'll probably go for a slightly larger size screen, perhaps a 12 or 13 inch model.

Though despite its small screen, I have no problems viewing pages with it, everything is clear and vibrant, and the screen resolution is pretty good too, but my main complaint so far is the eyestrain factor. That's really the last thing I need, but I'm hoping it passes, and is just a temporary adjustment, because otherwise it will just mean spending less time on it.

Other then that, I have very few complaints. The only other problem I noticed right off the bat is that the built in touch-pad sucks, as does the built in web camera. Now, I'm a healthy, youthful looking, and fairly attractive person, but let me tell you, its built in 1.3mp web camera makes me look like I've gotten hit with the ugly stick. So I doubt I'll be making my web camera video debut in blog land anytime soon.

Anyways, I haven't tested out the battery yet, but I'll probably test it out quite a bit this weekend. And tomorrow, or rather later today, being that it's after midnight already, I'll probably compose a more thought provoking post, quite possibly even a poetic post, while sitting outdoors listening to the birds and blogging from my new netbook.