Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Strange Dream, BioFeedback Machine, Virtual Reality Stream

I had a very unusual dream last night, a very powerfully lucid dream. I was with my dad in his car, and he was speeding well above 100 MPH, and he misjudged a turn, and we crashed. The car was totaled, but we survived it. At first he appeared to be unconscious, but apparently was just a bit stunned, with some minor injuries. Got out of the car wreck and found that we were right outside my old high school, which was on the fringe of a predominantly black ghetto, with many rough gangsta thugs standing around in groups checking us out.

My dad went inside my high school ostensibly to get help, where for some reason I waited outside alone, but nobody gave me any trouble.

Seemed like hours went by, with no sign of my dad. So finally I went into the school. Normal classes were not in session. There appeared to be some type of military, law enforcement, and martial arts training being conducted in the hallways. Rows of soldiers in training, both children and adults were standing in line in the hallways. Their uniforms were tactical gray camouflage, for urban warfare.

I ventured down into the basement without speaking to anyone, and passed by several people lifting weights. I came into a more normal looking office lobby, but it too was in the basement. At the counter were a few of my old teachers. Mary Ann, an English teacher, and Diane, my psychology, civics, and French teacher. Yeah at my school we addressed our teachers by their first names. I was going to ask them if they would page my dad, so I could talk to him. I asked Mary Ann, but before I could say anything else she says, so Cym it's been 15 years, have you become a famous writer yet?

I stammer, and say, no, but that I still write all the time, and have a blog, but I don't make any money at it. My complete attention was on Mary Ann, but then Diane speaks, where she asked something along the lines of why I don't like her. I guess because I must have been ignoring her or something. I was like, that's not true.

But then before I know it she gave me some ticket, key, or hand held electronic device, and directed me over to another room where there was some sort of psychological workshop or experiment being conducted. She pointed over to some booths containing some type of biofeedback, EEG, and virtual reality brain stimulation machines.

I was lead into a little isolated booth, seated in a chair, where I put on dark glasses, headphones, and some EEG brain electrodes. The booth that I was brought to was intended to stimulate one to revisit the emotional experiences associated with childhood. The glasses contained a computer screen, feeding me a collage of changing images of people and places, meant to trigger certain emotional states, and to monitor the users responses to them.

I think the implication was that there was something I failed to learn in childhood that was holding back my psychological evolution as an adult. There were several other people sitting in their own booths, and different booths were associated with the different psychological and emotional stages of human maturation and development.

I remember feeling relaxed by it, and after wards wanted to try out different level machines, but before I could, I guess I woke up.

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