Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inter-Dimensional Portal


This is my computer, what I am typing on right now. When I turn on my computer everyday this is the image I see, I find it very comforting, it is of a tropical beach, perhaps somewhere near Fiji. This computer is my inter-dimensional portal into another world, a world that transcends the barriers between here and there, bringing nameless faceless strangers together into this virtual never never land called the blogosphere.

One of these days the Internet will be shut off, not just here, but everywhere. Then what will people do? Myself, I'll just go back to writing in my notebook diary, like I used to. I always keep a diary. I have regularly since I was 14. Sporadically before that, but it was around the age of 14 that I regularly kept a diary of my thoughts. That's what I do, and I enjoy doing it. Would I ever go to a public place and read out loud from my personal diary in front of a crowd of strangers? No. And yet that is exactly what I do here. Isn't that ironic?

Years from now I'll probably look back on this as some youthful folly, some kind of desperately pathetic cry for attention. No way. If that were true, the same could be said for ALL personal blogs. Well, I think its probably true for some but not all. But who cares. It is written. It is read. It doesn't really matter why.

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